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In Dream Russia, TV Watches You

Date: 22-Oct-2009/11:31+3:00

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Characters: me, older brother, woman, guy

I was in some kind of school cafeteria setting, and I understood that I was the youngest of three brothers. The oldest brother had gotten a bit overweight and was being held back, while the middle brother had graduated. An incident had just happened where this older brother had felt I was starting to distance myself from him because he was "uncool"... and it was a repeat of what had apparently happened with the middle brother.
Note How I understood all this is one of those mysterious dream-identity things, and it's certainly not the way my mind would work as I have no siblings.
He had sulked away to sit at a table by himself. I wanted to reach out to him and say that no, I'm not the kind of person who cares about looking cool at the cost of hurting other people. So I went to try and sit at the table with him, but there was a girl who sat down to console him.
me: "Umm... hey, I wanted to come over and talk things over with you. I'd rather speak to you right now, but I don't want to interrupt since I see you just got company."
older brother: "Sit down, why don't we all order some breakfast."
A waiter came out with some menus. I had a vague feeling of having eaten there before and that they made a good omelette that was served in a triangle that was the shape of a slice of pizza. I ordered one of those and picked three ingredients... spinach and two different types of cheese.
There was some discussion after my order, and the brother got mad at the waiter for trying to overcharge me. The waiter apologized but I got the feeling he was trying to scam us.
Yet I became distracted by looking at my arms. I noticed there wasn't a certain red mole that I've been kind of concerned about lately. As I examined more closely I realized that these weren't my arms at all, they were tattooed and unfamiliar.
me: "Wait a second... am I... in my body?"
woman: "No, you are not in your body. But at the moment, you are the only one here."
This answer came from across the room. The woman was actually on a TV in the corner. I got up to walk across this cafeteria/restaurant so I could engage her.
me: "Whose body is it?"
woman: "It belongs to him."
me: "Him who?"
woman: "The person who those people--the ones you were talking to--know and care about."
me: "If I'm 'the only one here', then where did 'he' go?"
woman: (shrugs) "Away. Perhaps he was unhappy, so now here you are."
A group of people seated at a table next to the TV were looking at me somewhat puzzled. The woman on the TV vanished and I was just staring at nothing.
me: (to self) "Please tell me there's not some frame of reference in which I made someone just get up and talk to a TV in front of everyone..."
Turning to the people at the table, I joked with them a bit.
guy: "Well you're definitely the kind of person we want at our New Year's Eve party..."
me: "Sure I'll come, but I've only got one rule. No TVs. As you just saw, me and TV don't get along so well."
Then I walked back to the table I'd come from.
me: "Look, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm not who you think I am. I mean, does the person you think I am know Russian? Добрый день, как вы делаете? Or Spanish, for instance? It can't be hard for me to prove something is going on here."
older brother: (dismissively) "You don't know Spanish. Lo que digas es tonto."
me: "That means what I'm saying is silly... and well, the Russian part is silly because I only know one or two phrases. But the point is if you talk to me long enough I'll say something I couldn't have known if I'm who you think I am."
When I decoded the Spanish correctly, the look on his face changed to one of worry. I got up and walked off, some people followed me. I saw some people whipping metal spikes on strings to break glass plates that were mounted on walls, as if it were a game like skeet-shooting. Catching a reflection of myself in the mirror, I seemed to be a fairly good-looking teenager with dark hair and a lot of tattoos.
But suddenly I became panicked a bit about something that hadn't really bothered me before. If people could leave their bodies and be inhabited this way, then what if while I was here my body became inhabited by one of these things, and it was bad? I forced myself to wake up.
Note I have rated this as a negative dream due to inspiring this very foreboding thought more than anything actually bad happening to me in it. Not to say that I am not already the "inhabiting" thing more than the original person who was in my current body! But at least I have a fairly consistent idea of how I got to be where I am from childhood.
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