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The Very Scary Empty Closet

Date: 7-Jul-2005/16:40+3:00

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Characters: man

I was lying in bed, and a man was lecturing me from beside the closet while I was in bed. There was the feeling that I had been listening to a long speech, but when I was cued into the fact that I was dreaming, I couldn't remember any of the build-up.
man: "Okay, we're almost done. Now it is time to face your fears. This closet contains whatever you are afraid of."
A feeling of overwhelming tension and paralysis happened as he opened the closet doors. But I knew somehow that this was just a conditioning exercise. Becoming braver, I walked towards the closet...which was empty. Somehow my body was reset to be in the bed, and I got up to look in the closet again. Each time it was empty, and each time I'd wind up laying down again.
The man had vanished, so I decided to break the cycle and look around. I was in a building that had very pretty wood floors, and stepping out the front door I saw it had large walls made out of a very appealing blue stone.
There was a gadget in my hand...some kind of fancy cell phone and web browser, plus GPS. As I stepped into the street, it told me the name of the road was "Ismail street". The address was a four digit number starting with 6, approximately 6949 Ismail.
Note "Ismail" turns out to be a variant of Ishmael, and has the meaning "heard by Allah" or "heard by God". It has several uses of which I was not aware, as I had not heard of it before.
I got the urge to send a message to someone. There was a "send again to last contact" button on the device, so I typed one word that I do not recall and pressed "send". It would not let me immediately send the message, but had me go through a step where I was asked what date to put on the email. I had two choices pre-stored in the device: 1946 and 1996.
Note I picked 1946 because it seemed like a long time ago and certainly before such devices were created, and I like to raise alarms where possible.
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