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Lashundra and the Chewing Factory

Date: 7-Jul-2005/4:34+3:00

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Characters: lashundra

I had received a bag of pills in the mail. This puzzled me, because the package was from my former employer, and I'd expected to be getting an ID card. The literature explained that these were harmless nutritional supplements that I was supposed to try, but I was suspicious and didn't take them.
Somehow I found myself in a bed with a black woman named Lashundra.
Though I've never heard of anyone having this name, it does turn out to be a common name among African Americans:
...so that's interesting.
lashundra: "Do you hear that noise? It sounds like the refrigerator in the other room."
Nearly instantaneously, I was doing web research on someone named Lashundra. At first I thought I'd woken up, but I quickly realized I was still dreaming. I was browsing her LiveJournal, and her profile had a large tree graphic that stretched on along many pages of text.
She had written a long list of things she liked and that made her happy. "Braille 3.0" was one of those things.
Note From this, one might infer that Lashundra is blind. I thought Braille 3.0 sounded like a standard for the print style...something like "HTML 4.01 Transitional". A web search found Win Braille 3.0, but that's about it. No blind Lashundras on the net that I could find.
Another thing Lashundra liked was an event at "The Chewing Factory".
Note It was not along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, it rang a bit more like a special night at a restaurant. Perhaps like "Open Mic Night at the Old Spaghetti Factory".
I read some other web pages that were linked from her page...one was attacking Scientology. Intentionally I didn't try to remember it, as nothing struck me as special about that particular anti-Scientology rant.
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