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The Old College Squeeze

Date: 4-Feb-2005/12:16+3:00

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I was watching an extended segment of a football game where a man in a dark uniform had been tackled in something of a flying manner by a man in a white uniform. He he was laying face down on the field, and the referees realized he wasn't getting up. Some players helped him onto a stretcher, and a shot in the stands showed his wife or girlfriend crying.
There was an interview with the man who did the tackle.
player: "I didn't kill him did I? I just tackled him using the college squeeze."
He made an indication just over the number on his shirt to show where he had grabbed the guy in the tackle.
Note I know nothing about football, nor do I ever watch it. Squeeze play is apparently an informal term coming from baseball, as concentrating one's power on a particular goal, kind of like "long shot". But the 'college squeeze' is not a common term.
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