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Setting Myself Aflame

Date: 28-Jan-2005/16:32+3:00

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Characters: woman, me, man

I was at a dinner table, and using sorcery someone turned a dog into a horrific Hell-hound. At first, it continued to obey orders. But then it started going out of control, and I stepped up to intervene. A woman held me back.
woman: (annoyed) "What is your problem?"
me: "Well, I always like being helpful if I can."
woman: "You only want to get involved because you want more power."
me: "Power is not my issue. Or at least, I want everyone to have power. As long as no one controls the information on how to get power, and people aren't blocked from meeting each other, I'm happy."
man: "I think it's time for a fight. Are you ready?"
me: "All right then, let's go."
A man challenged me to a fight, and I accepted.
Note I somehow gleaned that the person I was fighting was a magic teacher, who I was paying to learn tricks. It was also suggested I was paying too much per day for this service.
He had some weapons, but all I did was grab a burning candle off the table. When I saw how unafraid he was of me, I used the candle to set myself on fire and become a flaming fire man. The fire started in the center of my chest, and I pushed forward...consuming my enemy in the flame.
I was something like the Human Torch:
...who is a character in the Fantastic Four.
After that, I was in front of a mirror and seemed to have an audience watching. So I extinguished myself, and somehow grew another head out of my neck. I was questioned by the crowd.
man: "Do you think you are being shown too much too fast, simply because he wants to create chaos?"
me: "I don't know. I don't know anything, really. In fact, I don't even remember how I got here. Can you tell me what you think my name is?"
This gave me some strange answers back, including an explicit spelling of my name which started with an M and went on for about 13 letters.
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