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Queen Eggs and Stanford

Date: 28-Jan-2005/16:16+3:00

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Characters: me, someone, woman

Walking outside of a house I was in, I found myself to be on something called "Jeff Street". There was a sign indicating the direction of Stanford University. Seeing no other place to go, I went back in the house and addressed a group seated at a table.
me: "What state are we in?"
someone: "Lorena."
me: "That's not a state. Do you mean Louisiana?"
someone: "No, Lorena."
me: "Okay, I'm going to pronounce this carefully and you tell me if it's right. LOR-EEN-AH."
someone: (mockingly) "You don't need to say it that way, it's not Latin."
me: "I saw a sign outside for Stanford. Is it the closest university?"
someone: "No, it's the second closest."
me: "I'd like to know what you've heard about Earth."
A middle aged woman at the table perked up.
woman: "Ah, Earth. Yes, I spent 500 years there."
me: "Um...okay, so on Earth--where I am from--that would be considered an impossible lifespan. Almost no one lives past 100."
woman: "No, it's up to everyone how long they spend there. You can stay as long as you like."
someone: "What's interesting about Earth is that the planet is constructed out of digital lines, but it has an atmosphere that prevents queen eggs from being laid. That keeps it protected."
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