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Talk Reality To Me

Date: 17-Nov-2008/10:48+3:00

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Characters: her, me

I'd turned a sort of unpleasant situation involving people being thrown off ledges and through glass windows into a sex scene of sorts. At first with a group of people fighting which I pared down to a young dark-haired girl in a gray suit. I was laying down on my back and she was undressing and caressing me.
While this happened I tried to figure out exactly how or where the sensations were coming from. Memory? They seemed very realistic, all the way down to sock removal/etc. However, the process was taking too long and I decided to reverse roles and be on top. Even before I'd done anything, she seemed to get very excited very quickly.
her: "Harder!"
I kind of puzzled at this, as the situation wasn't entirely dream-coherent and I was somehow still wearing pants, despite the fact that they'd been taken off. So I tried to kind of, uh, bounce a little harder.
her: "Yell something out, I want to know what you want!"
Her request took me quite off guard, and I stopped. I felt her arms and wrists...which seemed very real.
me: "Uh... I think... I would want this to be real."
her: "Then I need to be able to support you whenever I want."
She started to cry and her shape destabilized a bit. I picked her up for a hug.
her: "That's better."
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