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Upgrading Your Xcopy

Date: 26-Nov-2008/15:12+3:00

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Characters: me, man, friend

I was in an immigration facility of some sort, and though I somehow knew I'd traveled the route many times before I was now being given a problem. The problem had to do with a special new badge I had indicating some additional level of authority. Another man nearby was confused, and asked why I was being held up.
me: "Well, if I told you I was a janitor at McDonalds, you'd probably not scrutinize me too closely before believing it. However, if I said I was the President of a major company that invented, like..."
man: "The first matchbook!"
me: "Okay, er, sure...the first matchbook (?) Well you'd probably be a little less likely to take that at face value. It's a bigger deal to travel with this kind of authority, so they'll need time to look into it...that's ok, I can wait."
Somehow the scene devolved from an in-person experience into an IM chat of some kind. But it was split into multiple windows with several places into which to type text to different people. My attention drifted from the immigration authority question to another one that was on the top half of my sreen. It was apparently with one of my female friends who I speak to a lot on IM, but the strain was making me realize that I was clearly dreaming.
me: (typed to the IM window) "What reality am I looking at?"
friend: "At this particular moment, you're seeing two overlaid ones at once."
friend: "I've read about you and your friends, and I like you. I want you to be one of my anime fan boys...!"
friend: "You're missing privileges on your account, and there's not a lot I can do unless you get an upgraded version of xcopy."
friend: "I can try sending it directly through IM, but that might have trouble"
Note As I know it, xcopy is an old file transfer program from the days of MS-DOS. I suppose it would be possible that it could be used to achieve certain kinds of hacking tasks relevant to getting files from one location to another. Perhaps--for instance--it would be able to overwrite system OS files that you couldn't overwrite with the built-in copying functionality?
A dialogue box popped up. It said "Warning! This contact is trying to send you a naked picture. Do you still want to download it?" I was offered the choice to Open, Save, or Cancel.
Note The dialogue giving this was plastered with some kind of advertisement for MySpace, that looked like pixely graphics on top of a black background--a bit like Pac-Man.
I thought about just clicking Open and letting the potential-virus-chips fall where they may. But I figured I'd save it to be handled later by someone else inhabiting that body with more of a clue. I tried to save it on the desktop as the-red-pill.exe and woke up, but not before noticing that the name that actually got entered was much longer with hyphens.
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