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Neurally-Activated Music and Cold French Fries

Date: 1-Apr-2009/18:51+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was eating some room-temperature long potato-like snacks with people who had presented them, and sort of complaining about their lack of interestingness.
me: "These are like... cold French Fries. Not that there aren't times when it's been 4am and I've been drinking and leftover cold fries aren't okay, but now's just not that time."
One of the people in the group was laying down and seemed to be connected to some kind of machine. As they thought, they seemed to be able to lay down the melody of an instrument playing. I watched for a bit, until I began to try just thinking and adding layers to it. I closed my eyes (within the dream) and could somehow see a green screen like an oscilloscope. At first I added a bassline to what the other person was playing, and then started adding all kinds of other tracks.
The layers of complexity to what I was doing seemed to make them anxious, and when I opened my eyes again they were looking at what seemed to be computer screens running a game like "Breakout" where balls were coming from all directions and striking blocks on each note. The problem seemed to be that I was just overloading it.
me: "Oh, if you think it's too much I can try monophonic, I used to listen to a lot of that."
I thought through a memory of a Purple Motion chiptune, and got up happily.
me: "Amazing brainwave machinery or whatever you've got going here! I mean, we have machines that read brainwaves but we can't really use them to read out musical intent and then play it."
man: "We are worried because here, there is pressure and participation is very important. In school, did you have any competition?"
me: "Umm, well it depends on which school you're talking about. High School, sure, but I don't know that I was ever directly competing against anyone. By the way, that song I just did--I didn't write it, I was just remembering it."
As I awoke, I was looking at comments on one of my journal entries. There was a strange button on it, where a slashdot user had commented on my journal--but had some kind of "invalid fingerprint" warning. For a moment I was excited, because I thought my journal was on slashdot.
Contemplating the pure unlikeliness of this event led me to instead hold my view on the page as long as I could before waking. I saw pretty clearly that it was from a user named simply "davy".
Note There is a davy on Slashdot, but no indication of any posts or comments he has left, and it seems a relatively inactive user.
The portion of the comment that was visible (which may have just been the title), said something to the effect of "This baby is amazing!"
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