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Best of Both Worlds

Date: 1-Apr-2009/11:28+3:00

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Characters: military guy, man, me

I was in an aircraft, and there was a discussion about the importance of sitting in assigned seats. The stewardess went through the plane and double-checked everyone's ticket and there was a rather complex color coding system involved.
When we went to take off, rather than going onto a runway the plane drove out onto a highway. We easily passed by cars which just drove under the wings, and I thought that it actually was pretty interesting to dual-purpose a highway like that. But we shortly came upon another plane coming the opposite direction.
I didn't feel we had enough speed to take off, but the plane did...and engaged a rocket thrust. My point of view shifted to outside, where I could see that the plane looked kind of flat, and a lot more like an F14 than a passenger jet (though it was still white). From the outside I could see that written on top of the plane in black across the width of it was the text "ADOLPH HITLER". It was small print, next to the tail, but clearly visible.
Soon afterward, the plane was landing and people were getting out of it to go to an island that seemed to be built out of floating marble tiles. They would sink quickly after you stepped on them, so I had to run to get to the more stable parts. A man in a military outfit stressed out when a small white dog went the wrong way.
military guy: "You're going to drown, dog!"
The dog didn't drown, and I pet it for a little bit when it got to shore. We were on a very sparse commecial courtyard area, and there was a movie theater that had tickets for something called "Spinach Michael".
I walked up to a wall which was some a series of post-its depicting What you've been told about Nazis vs. What they actually believe. There were little white cards arranged in a grid, showing the contrast--such as a picture of some German guy yelling and waving a gun vs. a tranquil lake which said "Silence is Golden".
A man walked up to me, and signaled for me to stop looking at the wall and come with him.
man: "This isn't the past."
me: "Oh? Well, what's a recent news event then? Do you know about the Twin Towers being attacked by extremist muslims on September 11th?"
man: "No, I haven't heard about that."
me: "Well what is a recent news event you can think of? A major thing, calibration point for what time it is?"
man: "I don't really keep up with news in America."
me: "Come on, now! If we're talking, you've got to know something about something and I can't believe everything going on here is completely disconnected from my waking life. A reasonable person--which bear in mind I'm not saying I am, but still--a reasonable person would conclude this was all their imagination."
He paused a moment, and replied.
man: "Some things are possible from where people are. Other things just aren't. So perhaps the way to model this is as the best of both worlds."
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