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Moving to Ed's Land

Date: 21-Sep-2014/9:31:27+2:00

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Characters: me, tall girl, sam, man at table, bow tie man, head, seated guy

I'd been in some long strange dream phase where my parents had bought me some kind of complete "life set", which included odd things like luggage...and a bed with built in cabinets that could fold in and out. There was an electronics station that had everything from an old-timey cordless phone to a dustbuster installed on it for charge.
me: "Er, thanks for the thought guys. You're still using really old luggage, why don't you take that? The rest of this; I don't know, but this is not really my style."
When I awoke (or possibly false awoke from this) I just kind of groaned my usual "ah, again" and decided to try going back to sleep. As my body froze up, I could hear what sounded like a radio switching between stations, one of them had a kind of scary-sounding voice saying "this... will... be... your... last". I was a little scared away from focusing on being able to listen it, and then I got mad.
me: (to radio voice) "Oh, wow. You can apply a flanger sound effect on a voice. So demonic. So scare."
I couldn't get a fix on the radio, but as I noticed I could have sensory experiences without my body moving I tried rolling off the bed. I just went roll roll roll along faster and vibrating (without actually falling off the bed) and let myself drift and relax a bit. Shortly I got what felt like full physical movement, and perceived I was getting out of the same bed I had been in and was in some "other dimension" of the same room.
Note Upon waking up later, I realize that perception was incorrect. It was much like the bedroom in a different house I stayed in as a child, not the bedroom I was sleeping in.
Holding my hands in front of my face, I could see them shimmer into existence. I began to browse around the world to see if this 'new dimension' of the room offered me any insights.
There seemed to be a pod-like robotic camera that was perched on a dresser eyeing me. I felt a bit of panic, as if in this "altered vibrational phase" if I was able to see monitoring devices that were outside of normal perception. I went to pick it up and thought I might bash it against the counter, when I noticed there were many of these. Small robots and things.
Besides the camera, none of the technology-toys seemed animate. I felt a little silly beating them on the dresser out of fear of them. So I put them down and decided to wander on.
A very tall girl in a long dress approached me. I offered my hand to shake, and she seemed a bit startled at first. But then she shook it.
me: "Hi. My name is Brian."
tall girl: "I'm a friend of yours. My name is Sam. And I'd like to suggest that you come live with us in a place we've been setting up."
I began to follow her into connected rooms, that were somewhat elegantly (if inconsistently) decorated with high ceilings and dark wallpaper and drapes. She stopped at a portrait.
sam: "It's called 'Ed's land'. Because, well, a guy named Ed started setting it up..."
We only stopped at the portrait for a moment. I tried to keep up as she walked into more areas that had more people around. I couldn't hear everything she was saying.
It seemed she had morphed into a man, who I followed and continued to identify as "Sam" despite the change in appearance.
me: "I need to know if you understand where I come from and the difference between here and..."
sam: "...and lower vibrational energies where you have been living? Yes, I know about both."
me: "In the room I saw cameras and robots. Are these some kind of invisible thing that is affecting or monitoring me in my life?"
sam: "I think those were just there as a joke. Don't worry about it. The influence is limited between there and here either direction. Unless you've done things like--say--harm a small child. That could have impact on you here, for instance."
The morphing being sped up and turned corners into corridors.
me: "Wait! Can you hold up and slow down!"
Since I couldn't keep up with "Sam", I wound up stopping at a table of other people.
me: (to table) "Um, I was following someone named 'Sam' (I think) who was answering questions, but lost them. Can anyone help me?"
man at table: (pointing) "Sam had to run on to answer a call. But go out to the back deck."
I looked around to try and identify where he was pointing. I saw a glass door to an outside area, and walked a little closer to it and pointed at it myself. He nodded and pointed again to confirm that's where he was suggesting I should go.
There were several people outside. I spoke out addressing no one in particular.
me: "Hey, if anyone wouldn't mind answering a few questions...I was talking to someone earlier but lost them."
A man with a bow tie walked up to me, and also began to walk and talk so I had to follow.
bow tie man: "It's amazing how much knowledge has been lost from your environment. Things that were basically understood--such as about the difference between there and here--are now forgotten or muddled."
me: "Why?"
bow tie man: "The problems arose during a fight against Golem. But first of all, Golem isn't evil. And secondly: you don't make things better by replacing it by something worse."
As it was "spoken" and not spelled, I can't guarantee that it was "Golem" instead of "Gollum". I'm always trying to make mental notes to look these things up and not forget. Even after waking up, I didn't precisely remember what a "Golem" was...but it seems the more appropriate word for the context than the Lord of the Rings character:
In Jewish folklore, a golem (/ˈɡoʊləm/ goh-ləm; Hebrew: גולם‎) is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material (usually out of stone and clay) in Psalms and medieval writing.
I lost track of the bow tie man as well.
me: (frustrated) "Does everyone on the astral plane have, like, a two second attention span or something?"
A head came out of the ground, seemingly out of nowhere.
head: "Perhaps your idea of what constitutes an attention span is misguided. I've been checking in on you, every year."
me: "Every year, huh?"
Note I tried to recognize the face. It shifted around through a few faces I thought I recognized; musicians and actor guys who had facial hair. A morphic mix of perhaps Brandon Flowers of The Killers, Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy, John Ondrasik from Five for Fighting.
me: "So if this is a high vibrational frequency and things are so mutable, why does it seem that many of the faces of people here have acne or otherwise? If you can morph into whatever you want, why choose that?"
head: "You can do quite a bit of conscious manipulation, as opposed to just letting things fall to whatever your inertia is. But it takes focus and training. If it's important to you, then you can take classes on control of various aspects--they're offered here."
me: "Is there any way for me to persist in being here longer to stay here, so we can talk? Something I could take?"
head: "Shortcuts are not going to serve you in the long run. My opinion is--if you try to achieve such things with a drug or whatever--you're just going to have a bad experience."
By now the head had risen from the ground, and seemed now to be on a guy who was sitting next to a couple of girls. His head now appeared to be peeking out at me backwards from between bleacher seats where he was sitting with them cuddled against him.
seated guy: (thoughtfully) "It is really interesting how different things are here and there."
He lowered his voice.
seated guy: (quietly) "I mean there are these massive, epic, disgusting shits."
me: (normal volume) "What do you mean to say? Do you mean to say that in the lower frequency world there are massive disgusting shits? Or here? If here, why would you do it at all?"
Note I deliberately did not go along with his quietness. One thing I cannot stand is censorship of simple words...and then having to work around the censors when you're trying to get information. The costs in hacking vulnerability and broken systems that results is simply too high for the perceived "harms" that are being "cured".
seated guy: "I meant they're big and gross where you're from. All systems do need to be cleansed somehow, here or anywhere...there are equivalents in the higher frequencies. But it's just out of control how nasty it got at the lower ones."
me: "Well I'm certainly not a fan of it, either."
I couldn't hold my fix on the setting and awoke.
It was a bit of a tough decision for me whether to try and get back into the vibrating state to resume the conversations, vs. getting up and grabbing the laptop to type in notes. It's generally the case that if I do wind myself up into full consciousness and type stuff in, the moment is lost and there's no way I'm getting it back--while a slim chance of returning if I don't move and fall back asleep.
But what excited me in particular about this was to be able to "boot myself up" into it directly--and rather solidly. That's as opposed to the usual mid-ridiculous-circumstance situation where I become lucid and join a "dream already in progress". Though I've had this sensation of going smoothly from wakefulness over vibrations and felt everything "phase in" a few times, it's probably happened fewer than five times or so. I was excited to document that aspect of it; though content-wise I guess it's not all that much more or less exciting than anything else.
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