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Mickey Mouse and Mickey D's are Not The Same

Date: 15-Sep-2007/0:47+3:00

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I started out taking a bottle of wine to a fancy party and having a discussion with people about it, but transitioned into some kind of interpreter looking at a ton of images. The question I was being asked was tough to decipher...i's like someone was only able to communicate with flashes of JPGs from the internet what they wanted to know.
The pictures I figured out by and large featured chickens. And the question was somehow asking "is Mickey (Mouse) a 'chicken'?" A sudden flash of inspiration got me to beam back mentally something approximating the following...
me: "No, I see what you're confused about, you've got an odd thought loop going. What you need to know is that Mickey Dees is another way of saying McDonald's. That is a food chain, and 'KFC' is another food chain that is similar but sells different products. All of this is unrelated to Disney, although the commercial ties between companies are rather complicated."
They were rather ecstatic to have figured this out, and gave me some bundle as a reward.
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