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Brotherhood of Iron Eleven Shoes

Date: 25-Feb-2008/14:09+3:00

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Characters: me, him

I was outside the house of one of my childhood friends, and I was fumbling around with shoes and garbage bins... not knowing quite what I was doing. A large black SUV in the driveway caught my attention, and waved to it. The father of that friend got out of the car, except he looked very huge and with muscles that were almost a caricature of a bodybuilder.
me: "Hey, you're looking good."
him: "Looking good? You mean in a sexual sense?"
me: "Er, no, I just mean to say you look like you've been working out, like you could lift this truck."
I mockingly grabbed the front bumper of the SUV to lift it, and the truck started lifting off of the ground--much to my surprise. I backed away.
me: "Wait, that's not possible!"
He gestured and the truck went flying up to the ceiling of the garage, and then came back down.
him: "You should hold up a bit, son, before you start trying to talk about what's possible and what's not."
me: "So I'm still dreaming..."
him: "I'm sure the novelty must have worn off by now?"
me: "Oh no, it's no longer an issue of novelty. I'm just trying to figure it out, the physics, and how to get back to the same place more than once."
He turned into a rolling robot with a TV for a head and started to wander off. I followed him down a chute into a place where there were lots of other people. Most of them looked digital, like video game characters.
Note I was afraid some of the more evil-looking characters with glowing eyes would attack me, but they all went their own way and left me alone.
I began marching down a hall with lots of other people, asking them questions. One man who looked like an ordinary human answered me.
me: "Who are all these people?"
him: "These are your relatives."
me: "Relatives how?"
him: "Members in the path of the brotherhood of love."
me: "Uh... like a religion?"
him: "Sort of, yes."
me: "Does this religion have a name?"
him: "Iron Eleven Shoes."
me: "Wait, IRON?"
I started sign-spelling the letters for IRON to try and confirm that was what he said. Then I woke up.
Note Earlier in the dream I had been fumbling around with shoes, and I wear about a size 11, so this could have been some kind of crosstalk.
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