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The Witch Box Head Speaker

Date: 24-Apr-2007/18:25+3:00

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Characters: me, woman, voice, her

I found a friendly room of women up a staircase who were chatting about the fact that they read my website and were impressed.
me: "Can you enter my world the way I can enter yours?"
woman: "No. The inhabitants of your realm...they are supposed to be unhappy ALL of the time. They are not allowed to have dolls."
me: "Well I bet it's possible! If you can show me how you read websites from my world, I can probably start to understand enough to give you information on how to send information back. I know a lot about tricks for encoding information across noisy channels, things like that..."
In response, the woman took off her face, it atrophied into something green that looked a bit like a Halloween witch.
me: (a bit repulsed) "Hey, ok, I can deal with that."
Then that face kind of dissolved and it degraded from being a face at all into some kind of box-shaped device, with a speaker. As the speaker of the box became disconnected...the room just turned to noise. I thought the dream was dissolving, but noticed the rest of the room was fine. The dream audio had just died.
Then the machine was reassembled to the point of being a box again, and the audio came back.
me: "Oh I get it! Wow, so you already HAD a bridge!"
voice: "No, but I have used mastery of technology to make one."
At this point very tall woman--nearly twice my height--came and pulled me away from facing the box, into a bed with her.
me: "Are you who I was just talking to?"
her: "No. We should be resting right now."
me: "I want to talk to the box some more."
her: "They had to go handle an emergency at a pool."
Note It was one of those interpretation cases where it's hard to tell whether that was a joke, and they just decided to go swimming and call it a "pool emergency".
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