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Mattel and J.C. Penney's

Date: 30-Aug-2006/15:17+3:00

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I was able to get ahold of and use a web-enabled laptop, and search for my own name. The variant of Google I was using had a picture to the left of each web hit.
Though not something I had seen in August of 2006 when this dream was written, there is a search engine called "Snap" which makes thumbnails of web sites that you can see while you search:
...I'm not aware of Google doing this, although they now show small image previews for videos.)
Looking at the hits for my name, the first was something in a ".alias" domain, with a crazy URL, like "http://QUE13/geocities.alias". It had some pictures that didn't look like me. The second hit was indented to indicate similar content so I skipped over it. I clicked through the third hit since it had a picture that looked like me.
It was a biography that was overlaid on top of photographs, many of which were pictures of me and people I know. It recounted how my life was difficult and that I "felt like I was from another planet". It also talked about my time working for Mattel and J.C. Penney's.
Note I have never worked with either company.
My eyes were hurting such that I felt they were being pulled from their sockets. However, I did manage to read a little about how some phenomena I had described were later validated under someone's scientific theory.
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