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The Company

Date: 7-Oct-2008/13:15+3:00

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Characters: me, voice, her

I was in a conversation with a voice that sounded like my father's, coming from another room. He was talking to me about a domain name that someone had bought and commandeered in 1982, this upset him.
me: "Well, you can't worry about it too much. Just do the best you can."
voice: "Oh, but this will be such a shame. I've been juggling too much lately, I don't think I'm doing a good enough job, this was avoidable."
me: "At some point, you have to screw up, just to give people a chance to see what a screw up looks like. People need to develop internal compasses for authenticity, we can't protect them from everything."
voice: "You're right... you're right."
Suddenly I started hearing cacophonous music. I sort of had the feeling that the music was sound that had been intentionally piped in to disrupt me and harm my ability to communicate--waking me up. Rather than let it do so, I began shaping it into interesting music. My environment responded enthusiastically, there were billboards popping up giving me thumbs up and other good feedback suggesting that overcoming the obstacle was a great step.
I ended up in a room with a girl with very short, white-frosted looking hair.
her: "It is interesting that you're actually considering medical treatment all of a sudden. We're obviously in love."
me: "We are? I mean, I don't really know you, I don't think."
her: "Hmmm... very strange. I think you're right in this case, I might have actually said 'we'. But you are not an individual, you are a company."
Note I heard this as "corporation", but there is a less loaded meaning of the word "company"...as merely a number of individuals assembled or associated together.
me: "I know..."
her: (seemingly irked) "No you do not. In what meaningful way can you say 'you know'??!"
me: "Whoops, of course I didn't mean to say 'I know'. Very sorry, please explain further. It's just not the first time I'm told that I'm built from parts and some sort of school or something. But I feel like I have this confused human bit that doesn't know that much, yet there's another bit that is in more control and has more information. I act in accordance with its ideas and just trust it to be on top of things."
As I spoke we were embracing, her skin had gone translucent. When I talked about the confused monkey part of me she morphed into what looked like a crystal monkey. When she went back to a more human form, there were tiny gold shapes and particles...geometric, swimming around inside her body.
her: "'On top of things?' Well, don't go jumping to THAT conclusion. The 'person' of whom you are speaking abstractly as this 'other' is good, don't get me wrong. But is not significantly less confused than 'you', in many respects."
Note At the time I assumed that my 'dream body' at this time was the 'other me'. I did not think of the idea that this dream character was, perhaps the part of myself it was talking about. Though it would be consistent with the use of the term 'we' at the opening of the dream.
She started walking out of the room we were in, the strange modern door hinged and closing as she left. I called after.
me: "However it goes, I hope history looks back on my human part in a good, empathetic light."
her: "Yes, it will."
Note Her pronunciation had been somewhat of a French accent during this time, but became strongest on the pronunciation of 'will', which sounded almost like 'wheel'.
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