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Things I Promise Never To Invent

Date: 17-Feb-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, voice, woman, doctor, man

I woke up sleeping in the back of my car (a Honda Element). I wondered how I got there, if I'd come in from a nightclub or what. Everything seemed very solid.
The car started moving involuntarily, eventually flying in the air. I began to talk out loud.
me: "Okay, so helicopters now. I'll take a wild guess that this is a dream. What is the point?!"
There were various bullets being shot at a giant military plane as I flew through with the helicopters, and other cars. I was not in any way piloting it.
me: "I'm obviously not controlling this, but presumably someone else is. Hello? Can you talk?"
voice: (very quietly) "Yes, I can talk."
me: "Well good, it would be nice to know more about what all this is about. But can you talk louder?"
voice: (a little louder) "Okay."
me: "You can go even louder. My name is Brian. Do you have a name?"
voice: "Yes."
me: "...okay, what is that name?"
voice: (muffled) "Schtuw"
me: "Stu? Sue?"
The conversation had shifted to where I was standing in an elevator. A woman wearing a kind of medical or professional outfit with keycards or other security paraphernalia was pushing the buttons.
woman: "'Stew' as in, we're cooking a 'Stew'"
me: "Okay, got it."
I looked at my mirrored reflection and saw a very large stick broken off and pushed into my eye socket. I pointed it out to the woman.
me: "I don't know how this happened, but..."
woman: "You were flying through the Matrix and got caught in a battle, and then that happened."
me: "That sounds about right. You must have done this before."
woman: "I'll get you to a medic."
She named a doctor here specifically, but I don't recall the name.
We began walking down some hallways with a lot of people and machines. As I walked through a scanning gate of some kind, a little device materialized on my leg and started to inflate like a blood pressure scanner.
I tried to take in some of the brand names on the machinery I walked by. As I walked further through, people started to seem to vanish, and I got a little nervous.
me: "Okay, people are vanishing. I want to kind of warn you guys going in, that my experiences in such situations aren't always good...not just for me, but it seems like people--or buildings--or planets--get blown up. I have a theory on this, like the companies who make the machines invented disease or something, and that if you're from a truthing organization like I am, they put in automated mechanisms to try and cover it up. But that's just a theory."
Someone walked up to me with a wad of papers, and said "this is for you". There was a small piece of lined yellow notebook paper with handwriting on it. It was a list of "Things I Promise Never to Invent".
In the moment,I could read pretty much the whole list, but don't remember anything but the first and last... Item #1 was "Choking Machine", and the last one was "500mg drug pills"
I turned the corner and was guided toward a doctor's door. He was inside saying something about how he was available, and I tried to open the door but it was locked. I knocked and he opened it. I went in, and the place seemed familiar.
me: "Yes, I remember this... I actually, do remember the dream it's from. Interesting. Same place. That does not happen very often."
doctor: "We know who you are."
me: "So if people here know who I am, what am I famous for?"
doctor: "You are a piano player. And a goth, and a loner. We've established that. But there is the question of how you'd pay for things..."
me: "Well I'm not much of a piano player. I can, but I'm not very good. I'm a software developer, computer programmer, whatever you want to call that."
doctor: "Oh, you guys make millions of dollars a day. Money is no problem."
me: "Not a day...but really, um, my main issue here is that I only have a few minutes. Or seconds. Really, not long...then I'll wake up in the world where I live. So anything you do for me that doesn't address that won't help..."
I awoke (or thought I did) and started scribbling down some notes about the dream--the list of "inventions I promise not to make". I wrote my notes in a small notebook with a pen, in the top margin on an already full page.
There was also an idea I had about a certain kind of training piano keyboard. It would use some kind of AI to keep a fidelity to what you're playing, so you influence it. But it along with the idea of a keyboard that has some fidelity to what you're playing. As you miss it would guide you by improvising something that's not as bad as what you played, so you don't get too discouraged. But it still cues you toward doing it right so you keep the rhythm. That's not a bad idea.
I went back to sleep, and managed to re-enter the dream in the same office. There was a person there who I felt I recognized, but he wasn't the doctor from before. I had the notepad in my hand still, and that impressed me as I inspected in my hands.
me: "Wow! This is a first. I had a notepad I was writing in, and then I re-entered the same place, and the notepad is in my hand. I managed to transfer something interdimensionally! Is that technically possible?"
man: (skeptically) "It's technically possible, but not the kind of thing that would happen on accident. You'd have to have a lot of things aligned to make that work. Are you sure that's what's going on?"
me: "I wouldn't really trust anything I'm saying. This is pretty fuzzy stuff. Hard to really say much for certain when you're asleep. But now that I'm back here, what should we do?"
man: "Like you, I think there's an engineering solution to problems of health. Step in."
I stepped into one of the booths he had. There was a sign that said there was a plasma cover underneath the toilet. I looked underneath and there was a small piece of steel. I put it on the toilet and saw it was the right size.
me: "I don't know what a plasma cover is."
I don't remember what happened after this.
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