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Making New Things Out Of Water

Date: 14-Feb-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, girl, guy, man, taylor, cousin

I went across the hallway to an apartment which didn't exactly resemble anywhere I had lived. But it did represent the situation of being on a second floor where I knew the people across the hall...where a woman I dated had lived across that hall.
When I went and looked at the exterior wall of the apartment, it had a lot of things stuck on it about being quarantined for extermination. There were some odd items that appeared to look like they were children's art, but that had text on them suggesting poisons and such.
Feeling that they were there for nefarious intent, I picked up a particular one that was egg-shaped. There were several people outside, and one of them stopped me and demanded/took-back the egg shaped art.
I tried to dodge accusing them of using "art" to be a kind of kick-me sign for the building's inhabitants.
me: "Oh, I just liked it."
girl: "It's cool but you can't have it."
Wanting to get out of the situation, I went across the hall to try and return to my apartment. Yet my field of view next went to me having something in my hand which I wanted to throw away, and being inside the apartment I'd just left. I tried to put it in the trash can when I noticed a guy with dredlocks looking at me.
me: "Is it okay if I use your trash can?"
guy: "No..."
He seemed like he might be joking, but coming from the prior experience I decided just to cross the hall.
But feeling like I was on a bit of a fool's errand, I just sat down with the item defeated. I spoke with a friendly-seeming guy who was there.
me: "All this nonsense. Where am I. Really--more than anything, my life has probably been a character study in cowardice. Like, how afraid am I of killing myself that I can't make it stop going on and on and on..."
man: "When putting together a team, everything can be a skill. And not ending your life despite incredible hardship is a fantastic skill for someone to have...so long as they're on your side."
I had a sort of awakening which phased back into a menu selection screen for a video game. But the selections were strange, like "things to say to someone who's made a mistake", "answers to questions agents might ask", and something approximating a video explaining "the relevance of the Lilith Tomkins show"
Trying to select the "made a mistake" page, it seemed someone else pulled control away from it and selected "answers to questions". I phased back into having a body beyond the screen, and was in a room and semi-mobile. The man I'd been talking to about skills on a team was there again.
A girl who looked like Taylor Swift came in the door up some stairs and started walking downstairs.
me: (groaning) "I wish I'd get some kind of warning before having to come into situations about little details like: 'who's going to be there'."
taylor: (frowning) "Well, sorry. Didn't mean to, y'know, kill your mood or whatever."
She greeted another girl enthusiastically, and the guy called the other girl by a familiar name, like cousin so-and-so.
me: (to Taylor) "No, look. It's nothing personal. It's just I'm tired of winding up in these situations and me only being able to be there for a few seconds before I fall over and wake up or something. Then you and everyone else seem to be able to move around just fine. WHY IS THAT?"
cousin: "Because maybe the reason these things happen to you is because it's you who's the one trying to show people something new. You can always make something new...you can make something out of water, right?"
me: (confused) "Yes...one can make things out of water...?"
The group of us went and tried to go up some stairs, I was being helped.
Behind us a door opened, and things that looked like two small trucks came flying by. I was having trouble moving--but managed to dodge them--and the person with me just reached and grabbed them out of the air...crushing them.
me: (happily) "Now that's what I like to see. Things trying to attack me getting crushed."
As he crushed them he reached in and there was a small toy figuring driving it. The figurine did not appear to move at all, it looked tall and blue and rectangular. It seemed to have a nametag on, some female driver. He crushed it with his hand as well, and threw the crushed figure back toward the window downstairs.
After it was done he pulled a spray bottle out and gave it a couple of squirts.
The door opened again, and this time a thin man wearing red walked in carrying a bag. He started heading up the stairs.
man: (concerned) "Keep moving."
We went up the stairs which seemed to have had a somewhat escalator nature--or I was being pulled up them without knowing, because we got to a top floor.
I was encouraged to hurry, but as I hurried forward there was something like a black banner that was blocking the top half of the hall. If I went through it then it would seem like it would have broken...like breaking the ribbon in a marathon.
man: "Under, go under it."
Even though I didn't have much warning, I went under and we ducked into an office. The door was cracked just a little with a yellow doorstop, but I had to push it open to get in. After getting inside, I went to close the door but the door started opening right after I did.
The man was inside the room too, but was motioning me to put the little yellow doorstop back where it had been. I thought it had been outside, but he kept trying to instruct me on exactly how to put the doorstop back; I eventually gathered to put it on the side.
The door still slid toward me and I hid behind it, where I was still hidden by the door even though something was pushing on it. I sat behind the door, seemingly blocked by some other things, hoping that whatever it was wouldn't be able to detect me there.
But something happened and I awoke.
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