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The Trendsetter

Date: 15-Oct-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was looking at a computer terminal with some guy. A thing I had seen on the screen--which I don't have recollection of--had gotten me upset.
me: "Can't you...can't you take that? Can't you get it out...carry it back, so your incarnation remembers it?"
man: (shrugging) "Nope. I don't know how. And even if I could, I wouldn't want to."
me: (frustrated) "Why not!?"
man: "Are you serious? When you think about your own situation, do you think it's better or worse to know about this stuff? It seems to me if you remembered less, you wouldn't be so tormented."
Him bringing up the topic of "my situation" caused me to get my bearings. I snapped out of whatever thought train I had been on, becoming lucid enough to question the environment.
me: "Hold up...wait, where are we? What is happening, what is all this? Why would I remember or forget any of it?"
man: "I'm really not scoring any points here, not enough to be anyone people would know about. But you, my friend, are the biggest player in this space."
me: ""The space" of what?"
He looked at me, thoughtfully.
man: "Though it's not a word most would think to use describing someone doing this kind of work--in my opinion it's fair to say: you are a trendsetter."
me: "Trendsetter at what?"
man: "At being good."
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