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God's IT department

Date: 20-Apr-2009/14:18+3:00

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Characters: me, woman

In a dream, I was engaged in a conversation with a woman who was busy working on something in a kitchen but still talking to me.
me: "So, I'm trying to figure out larger questions like how this is related to what happens after death."
woman: "You must have gotten up to 1500 points by now. Really, you can just snuff and get more."
me: "Um, snuff, like kill yourself?"
woman: "The substance."
me: "Isn't that like, tobacco that you snort?"
Note Whether this is what was meant or not, snortable tobacco is one definition of snuff. According to Wikipedia, the term of "snuff" to extinguish a candle originated historically and has been used to also mean "kill" in literature as early as 1916.
woman: "Death...it's like with Firefox when your browser crashes or you get stuck with a spinning cursor. Eventually someone in your office is going to notice you're not being very productive and step in to fix your machine. That's when you get shown the task manager, and see how to restart. Your productivity will be down for a while but it's probably a good learning experience and you'll be back to what you were doing more or less."
me: "Are you saying that we all work for God, and if we mysteriously stop working, it gets noticed in our review and he sends IT in to fix it?"
woman: "Basically."
me: (laughing) "That's a funny way to look at it."
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