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Snow Crashing

Date: 20-Apr-2009/14:32+3:00

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Characters: me, man, girl

I was on the roof of a building using my computer. An odd looking thing like a flying cloud made beeline for the ground and crashed into the building, though it did not collapse. I realized that the "flying cloud" was actually an aircraft that had somehow been completely covered with a thick layer of snow and ice.
It wasn't cold or snowy, and the craft had fallen at an unnaturally slow rate for a flying object coming out of the sky. Figuring that there was little I could do to help the people in the crashed plane, I decided to load the computer into my car before I went down to look.
Given how close the crash was to destroying the building I was in, I started to wonder if this had been an attempt on my life due to something I had done with the computer. Some other people on the roof began speculating conspiracy theories about what had caused the crash--that it had been due to drug cartels.
me: "Well you shouldn't jump to conclusions."
man: "Are you saying we should just lock our doors and go in our houses and wait for an official report?"
me: "No I'm just saying that panic isn't a good first response."
man: "You'll never change that about people."
me: "Gandhi said you should be the change you want to see in the world."
As I said this, I somehow fell down through the roof onto what seemed like a high snowy treetop. I started climbing down precariously, but it seemed like I was just falling from high trees down to lower trees. A girl seemed to be navigating the path herself, and I passed by.
me: "Going down? You can try following me."
girl: (surprised) "Oh. Ok!"
We kept slipping down, and branches would collapse. At one point we saw a bright multicolored flower that was resting on top of a tree...it stood out against the drab snow.
Though more tall and reedy than roselike, its colors were mixed up like this:
...and holding it, it seemed to be plastic.
me: "What's that doing here?"
girl: "It is kakusa reta zaihou. That is what means hidden treasure in Japanese. You must learn to appreciate this when it happens. Gaining such appreciation that makes everything worthwhile."
Note I don't remember what she said. "kakusa reta zaihou" above is a machine translated/transliteration of "hidden treasure" I did after waking up.
me: "Well there's probably an easier way to get down from this."
I flipped onto my back and grabbed her as if I was going to be a sled. I didn't get very far and a tree or something propped me back up to near vertical again. Deciding the problem was the snow, I started singing the song "Burn" by the Cure (off of The Crow soundtrack). Music kicked in and all of us began to descend as the snow melted under the fire. A crowd of people seemed to ride the wave with us down to the ground.
On the ground was a resort area that was constructed out of a lot of wood--the paths were wood, and so were the buildings. All the wood was dark and wet, as if it had been covered with water from the melting snow. The girl and I were outside a door to an apartment, and stood in the doorway.
girl: (kissing me) "You're so sweet."
me: "Thanks, I try, but I'm a lot more coherent if someone could figure out how to get me to stay in the dreamstate for longer."
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