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Kojo on YouTube

Date: 20-Apr-2009/15:11+3:00

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Characters: me, girl

I was sitting on a couch with a girl I felt I recognized, and was looking at a graph of names. There were colored boxes. Arrows were connecting the boxes, and I understood it to be saying something about whether people liked each other or didn't know each other at all. The names would change a bit as I looked at them--e.g. from "joe" to "jon" (in a red box).
From a distance, the graphic looked about like this:
...though the labels on the boxes were white.
One that stood out was that in an area that said "the media" there was a purple box that said "kojo" and that he had a YouTube channel...something about interviews and news.
me: "This looks familiar...this kojo. I've seen it before."
Note There is a reasonably well-known Kojo in the media, but he doesn't seem to have a YouTube channel.
me: (to girl) "What's your name?"
girl: "Something else."
me: "You can't remember?"
She mentioned that the last time she'd asked me about the name of an ex-girlfriend that I had just started talking about Windows. I told her the name of who she looked like, which caused her to come up to try and attack me. I fended off her hands, but a third hand somehow came up to choke me.
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