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The Fractal Cube Press Conference

Date: 20-Mar-2012/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, man, guy, duncan, animated man, voice1, voice2, voice3, woman, asian girl

I was in some sort of medieval game where you ran through tunnels, and people were carrying swords. I was wearing a sweater and it had chewing gum on the front. I peeled the chewing gum off of it and realized it had made some kind of hole in the sweater. I began calling out "undo!" and I noticed that I could sort of undo my actions, and asking time to rewind made some people go back but others went forward.
Eventually I called out "freeze game!" and most people stopped moving, but one or two people kept walking, including a man in black armor. He stepped by close and I asked him a question.
me: "Why didn't other people freeze?"
man: "There are other players like you, you can't freeze them!"
We walked down a hallway, and into a room. I began asking questions about how many players there were, and if they were playing a game then did they exist outside of it. I got some answers from a man named Duncan who said that there were about 10 actual players in this medieval game world, and we had six of them in the room.
Another guy came in the room and started waving emphatically at me. He spoke quickly in terminology I could barely make out, it was of this nature (but I'm just saying gibberish to capture the gist of the gibberish):
guy: "Argh, well I made a gig mod on the byclip...but then I got chayed, and the grivs were on 20 pin; it was not a good outcome. If I were you I'd take the byclip and forward by..."
me: "Whoa, whoa, please slow down. I can't understand a word you're saying."
We turned and there was a guy I recognized as having been Duncan again, he had paperwork and stood up seeming happy.
duncan: "Of course you don't understand! But we've got good news, you're about to become very wealthy. They've looked into the accounting completely...and although you mentioned something about the game once beforehand and signed on a list, there's no record of your payment to play. No contract to be found, but the absence of payment pretty much proves there isn't one they had and just lost it. You've been loaded into the game against your will...that's a tremendous crime."
I sighed.
me: "I hear this kind of thing all the time. Score one more dream point for me! But every time, nothing happens, and you're still not speaking my language...so we've got some kind of disconnect. Yes there's some kind of game here, and that's great, and you all seem to know what you're talking about. But my primary identity--the person I am most of the time--lives on a place called Earth in what they call about the year 2000, no games like this exist. And I only get a few minutes here before I get zapped back."
He became concerned and approached me, I thought he was going to attack...and that felt confirmed when it seemed he was pulling down my pants to inject my butt cheek...and I felt a little pinch there But it seemed the effect was actually more like pulling off something that was on it. When he did, reality began peeling off in layers and I was flying through space. I watched it splitting out into large cube-like areas, each cube had geometric shapes moving like fractal patterns. It was like looking at brightly-colored plastic objects of varying sizes, moving inside an acrylic cube subdivided into smaller cubes by more layers of acrylic.
Note In spirit it reminded me of a video I saw recently.
My position was laying on top of one of these cubes under a blanket. I could peer down into it. The shapes inside the one I was on were yellow pyramids of varying sizes, and I seemed to grasp one of the rules.
me: "Oh...so one of the rules the cellular automaton runs by is that usually large pyramids beat out the small ones, unless there's two and a small pyramid gets between them, then the small pyramid can win against the pair."
A disembodied voice/sense said something like "good observation", but I just continued watching all these things floating in space. Eventually I took off the blanket and noticed I was naked, and decided to lay there like that. Still not catching any attention, I decided to yell at the cubes.
me: "HEY! Anyone want to explain what is going on here?"
One of the corners of a nearby cube suddenly became opaque, and a door opened out of it. A somewhat rigid-looking animated man poked out of it.
animated man: (roboticized voice) "Press. Conference."
After this there began to be several ordinary voices chattering in the air about the situation, ostensibly of discovery of Earth.
voice1: "This is impossible. That entire zone was supposed to be frozen."
voice2: "It isn't. How did this get authorized? And how did HE get there?"
voice3: "Diplomacy protocols are going to be utterly useless in this case. Who would we use them with? Him?! Or even worse...their 'leaders'?!"
There were some various visions I had of pointing out the good and bad things humanity does and has done...life on Earth...with accompanying murmurs of outrage and support.
Note It was kind of a collage of human experiences, which is a technique used in lots of music videos, like Dave Gahan's 'Nostalgia'.
At one point some sort of flying helicopter thing with a mad looking creature on it came flying up to me with a diagram of pig slaughtering that said something like "My answer? We slaughter them all like the pigs they are." I shrugged and felt a bit of concern that I might have finally gotten found and this was the end, but was pretty resigned to whatever.
Note I don't know why I'd have thought there'd be some actual impact once awakening, you'd think there'd be enough evidence to the contrary by now!!!
Eventually I was walking through some sort of airport-terminal place with a man, but we sat down in some chairs.
man: "There's now a really big push, a huge imperative being sent out about not acting under specific assumptions of what a lack of response means. And a documentary on what has happened here. This is a topic you've become quite familiar with, so you should be pleased with that, at least."
Many other things happened as I walked with him. I was with teams of people who were gathering data, walking around some grocery stores and scanning prices...surveying people. We passed one woman on the street who waved an electronic device at a tall apartment building.
woman: (angrily) "Do you know what they make people pay to live there! Guess, just guess! $21 a square foot!"
There were several wanderings through different stores, but eventually I was left on my own. Looking for someone to talk to, I wandered into what looked like someone's house, that either didn't have a door or had been left open. The house was modest and not decorated very fancy though it had a room divider of sorts.
Feeling uncomfortable having walked into someone's room, I also noticed I was naked. As I headed back for the door, a small Asian woman walked in. She was dressed but wearing a cutoff shirt, and looked me over.
me: "Hey, I'm sorry...door was open, I'm a little disoriented."
asian girl: (pausing) "Well that's okay...it's okay since I called You, my printer isn't working."
me: "Er, I don't actually know anything about working on printers."
asian girl: "Well in that case, maybe I need to work on you..."
She got down on her knees and began performing oral sex on me, and then pulled me onto the floor. I had a vague notion that she had made the printer thing up as if she wanted to role play (a computer-oriented version of the "calling the plumber and having sex" porn trope). Though I went with it a little, I began asking questions about what she knew about my situation. She stopped and just sat on top of me.
asian girl: "Yes, it's common knowledge at this point. You want my opinion?"
me: "Sure?"
asian girl: "Compared to what you have, I have little. I run a small territory--it is nothing like yours. And you did not pay anything for it, you are getting it because of a tremendous price someone else paid...we do not even have a way of knowing or calculating that price. Someday though, wouldn't you want to do the same for your own mind-children and continue the cycle? Isn't it your responsibility to capture as many squares as you can, wherever and whenever you are, even now?"
Note I don't know what 'squares' she was referring to, but it sounds a bit like playing any game where you are able to win by the amount of territory you capture in squares on a board.
me: "That's not really my philosophy, no. At least not as far as the situation on Earth goes. I think there are circumstances where one should hold off on making children, and I also think there is a point at which one has 'enough'."
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