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The Balance Of The Water

Date: 2-Nov-2016/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, architect, woman, man

I ran into an older woman who appeared as an architect who I had known in Seattle. She embraced me and said something suggesting the idea of us becoming romantically involved. I was lucid--and challenged the circumstance I was in.
me: "Maybe, but...if this is some weird virtual reality...can't you pick a body that's more...my type? Like an Angie Varona, or something?"
I'll mention that I don't know anything in particular about Angie Varona (she is an Instagram model). The only reason the name was in my head this particular night is because sometime the previous days I'd done a reverse image search on some spam I'd gotten or seen on a dating site, which was using her picture as if it were her. She was attractive, so I looked about at some other related pictures that I liked. Then I wrote something or another back to the spam to put the fear of God in 'em--as I do--for stealing pictures for nefarious means.
architect: "No, that wouldn't work. If you use the wrong body; it's incompatible, the brain would basically implode. It would have the wrong balance of the water."
We went into a large open room that looked a bit like a stock exchange with monitors running numbers on them, but there were also beds. I sat down with some people who began asking me questions...it seemed not all of them could see me.
woman: "Who is it?"
architect: "It's Brian. I can hear him but I can't see him. So I sent Mark Board."
"Mark Board" sounded like a name. In retrospect it might have been "I sent markboard", like some kind of tracking technology I'm unfamiliar with.
man: "Did you ever see the movie 'The Trick?'"
me: "No, but I...feel like I've heard of it."
I don't know why I said I'd heard of it. It's rather eerie, actually, that there is no full length movie on IMDB with that title at the time of writing. You'd think it would be taken.
architect: "Would you be willing to consider having a dog, in your story?"
me: "A dog... I... I mean I guess?"
Something gave me a sense that they were planning out a next life, and it was being pre-scripted somehow. I drifted a bit out of lucid questioning into trying to monologue a bit about my feelings on dogs.
me: "I used to be more into dogs than I am now; though I still like to see them now and again. But they can be fairly dirty. Some of the more annoying situations that have made me skeptical of them is that there are women who have unusually large dogs who like, sleep in the bed with them."
I drifted back into awareness of the situation.
me: (frustrated) "Okay, jeez, here we go again. It seems you have an awareness of me and my life on Earth and things there. But you're asking me to do deal-making or whatever, about whether I want to have a dog? Seriously? Why should I trust that this has relevance, when no one will explain what's going on?"
architect: "The trust works both ways--this is also about us trusting you. We have to have faith that you can operate an account on our network. You would get more flexibility after that."
woman: (gesturing at screens) "Everyone on your Earth is either controlled by one of these accounts -or- they're products of a clone account from a separate original."
me: (skeptically) "So like, Donald Trump...is he represented by something here, as a game player of some kind? Or a non-player character?"
I was interrupted when a woman who was naked (or close to it) climbed onto me, she was trying to pitch or sell marriage services. Another naked woman came at me from another direction; we were on a very long bed that was getting crowded.
A man grinned at me.
man: "I can already see this is going to be a very popular auction. Pretty much everyone likes you."
Something like a layer of thick blankets--almost towel-like--came down over us.
man: (spoken aside to someone) "Quick, auth me."
The term 'auth' is short in computer circles for 'authorize'. So that would seem to be asking for authorization to do something; e.g. to login to a system to give it credentials to take some action.
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