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Bug Sign Language Alphabet

Date: 12-Oct-2007/14:14+3:00

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Characters: bug

I was fighting and the visuals went blank as I begged for it to stop. Then at one point I felt someone take one of my hands. I reacted positively to this, and by waving my other hand I got them to take that. Then I got them to take my feet. I was being held--it felt like--and the assault on my middle area had ended.
Some creatures that looked like animated bugs a la Pixar appeared. They were saying praiseful things.
bug: "His methods are those of the wisest communicators."
Note I felt the comments were directed to me, but I could be wrong.
bug: "We are going to show you a video. Whenever a break in the dialog happens, like if they say 'um', we'd like you to identify that."
I was shown some odd thing that looked like a Sesame Street episode. I waited until "Um" happened and then I would say Um and signal a "U" and an "M" in the sign language alphabet. One animated bug started reflecting the sign language alphabet at me (a, b, c) to show they knew what I meant.
This was followed by an odd period of floating down some tunnel with a lot of purple dots raining on me.
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