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A Girl Named William

Date: 12-Oct-2007/11:57+3:00

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Characters: me, william, him

I was on the top deck of something like a double-decker bus, which was in a group of vehicles traveling down a road. Traveling to the front of a bus, I met a large woman who introduced herself as being named "William".
me: "That's an interesting name, considering you look kind of like a girl to me."
william: "Have you met any girls named William?"
me: "Not in waking life, but certainly I've seen more bizarre things than that while in dreams!"
Note I was going to try and recount something from a dream wackier than a girl named William, but offhand I couldn't think of any good stories. So I decided it was better to pay attention and ask questions.
Another person near me was talking about how he was worried about the school we were going to:
him: "When you need to use the bathroom, just go to the nearest toilet. Don't worry about where it is or who's watching...just get it over with quickly. Otherwise you'll get lost and it will be impossible to come back."
me: "Hello, are you asleep right now? Do you have a body in the physical world? Can you wake up from this and be somewhere else?"
him: "No, I can't do that."
me: "Well, I'm dreaming and only here for a short while. I doubt we'll be able to converse long enough that I'll be with you through any kind of class that you're describing. I'm asleep, and I'm 32"
He found this very interesting, and came to look very closely in my eye. He started kind of holding it open so he could examine it. It was uncomfortable in one way, but in another it was unusual to feel like my eye was being held physically open and yet I still stayed in the dream. I let it continue as he looked.
The buses came to the end of a road and I started to explain that I would awake based on practically anything--excitement, fatigue, fighting, making out. I noticed that we were entering a rather ornate area, there was a very organized bed with shimmering sheets and a woman with red hair in it... I went to the corner and began focusing on a painted closet.
me: "Would you mind looking into my other eye?"
He did, but I ended up waking anyway.
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