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The Way of Life

Date: 12-Oct-2007/7:21+3:00

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Characters: me

I was supposed to be gathering objects together to go on a car trip. Things were sort of changing out from under me, and I had this kind of weak perception that I was dreaming and yet this was still important. A group stormed up the stairs to give me a hard time about how slow I was being.
me: "Doesn't anyone appreciate how hard it is for me to do ANYTHING in this dream state? I think I deserve some praise for being able to be conscious at all, furthermore ask questions, furthermore remember and write it down. So I'm slow, so what!"
My speech helped focus me into lucidity, and I examined the people around me.
me: "It's interesting, because I had the impression you were people I knew. Now that I look closer, I see you're not those people--you're just stock characters. But maybe the impression I had of who I thought you were has meaning...perhaps it's my job to use that as a guideline to try and bring those spirits into wakefulness in their true form."
After this I began to awake and became unsure if I was awake or asleep. I was intently watching an odd music video, which was a cartoon about trade and multiculturalism. It depicted all kinds of conveyors and exchanges between groups. People traded things, some of which I didn't recognize at all, and others which were things I did recognize ("Swiss chocolate", for instance).
There were also some people flying around the traders in hot air balloons, which were labeled "the way of life". They were tagging the people they passed with check marks. You could see that people who had the check marks would pass them on to others.
Note I interpreted the virally spreading check points as some kind of disease being used to attack the people who were trading, but don't know why I thought this.
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