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Pizza Slice $1.49, Root Beer $11, Eating someone's belt... priceless.

Date: 12-Oct-2007/7:04+3:00

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Characters: bondage guy, me, her, cashier

I was in swirling gray clouds of imagery. From the swirling shapes, I picked an image out of the clouds and focused onto it, until I found myself in a very stable dark room. I felt like I had been there before.
A large Disney-like character came running straight at me, and I could see that it was built out of projected light. Walking around and up some ramps, someone handed me a small black leather belt. It was too small to wear, and I perceived that the people in these rooms were fighting each other and it had been given to me as a weapon.
A guy in a stereotypical "gay" S&M outfit tried to hit me with a belt, I grabbed it and took a bite out of it and spat it on the ground.
bondage guy: (effeminately) "Ooo, I like your style!"
me: (angrily) "My style is not attacking people with belts. You should cut that out."
I kept walking away from these somewhat barren looking areas to a living room, with pillowed couches. Walking toward two women who I thought I recognized, I sat down on the floor.
me: "I sat here once before, you may remember me. Everything is remarkably clear this time. I can see things very well, it's usually distorted or out of proportion but I can pretty much say that my vision is spot on, almost like waking life. Better maybe, I can read numbers in the distance without glasses."
Note I don't know what I was referring to, because I've never logged a dream in this place, but in the dream I had the feeling of deja-vu.
her: "My name is Judy. I'm from the management."
me: "You manage... what?"
her: "This building, the T-shaped (B-shaped?) thing"
I looked outside a window and saw several tall buildings, I wondered if she managed those too. We got up and started walking into a fairly nice Italian restaurant.
Note The restaurant evoked a memory of a place where a previous dream where I was questioning people about how to pay for meals in dream currency.
me: "You know, I used to wonder what the problem was with the pain and everything, but now that my senses are working I see you have people out there... hitting people with belts. If you're the manager, can you do something about the psychos with belts out there?"
her: "It's a real problem, they killed a FedEx guy, and..."
She then talked about some other types of people who had shown up they'd killed I couldn't quite catch.
me: "So what happens when you kill them?"
her: (sigh) "Well, maybe we'll be able to get to that."
While she was ordering something from a man behind a counter, I took in some of the prices for food on the wall. Pizza slices were in the $1.49ish range. I was actually kind of thirsty, so I decided to try and order a root beer. Curious again about the monetary issue, I fumbled for my wallet.
me: "Am I going to have some kind of back to the future issue with money, here?"
The wallet I was carrying was like my ordinary wallet, but the bills were a more pale shade of green and looked a little older, and everything was like 11 dollar bills. I tried to hand one to the cashier.
cashier: "Oh, man, no... you aren't seriously going to make me go get quarters are you?"
An older man stepped in front of me, said my real name while shaking his head, and encouraged me to put my money away. He seemed friendly enough, so I didn't get the gist that he was saying I couldn't have anything, but that I shouldn't be concerned about payment. Still, I slapped an 11 dollar bill on the counter.
me: "Well in any case, I'll have a root beer."
I awoke and never got my root beer.
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