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Throwing People Over Cliffs

Date: 12-Oct-2007/0:15+3:00

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Characters: me, woman

I was talking to a woman, and she gave me a black business card for something called "AARCO".
Note Although there is a "Visual Communications" company by that name, my impression was that this was a secret society of some kind.
me: "What do you think of the group?"
woman: "My husband likes the idea of becoming a member, especially because they install an amazing security system at your house. It's very James Bond...with lasers and such."
This faded into a situation where I was overhearing a diabolical plot between the wife and people at the security company. They were going to use the chance of getting access to the home to kill the husband. Other people were going to be present inside the house who might be witnesses, and there was an argument about whether to just kill those people or if they shouldn't be involved.
I angrily threw the wife off a cliff to try and avert this plan. Throwing people off a cliff isn't really my style... so I tried to invoke a kind of "Undo" mental action that often works in dreams. It didn't work, but the husband showed up and she came back over the cliff.
woman: "Thanks for saving us."
me: "I'm getting quite a lot of control. In fact, I can enter and leave worlds at will. Watch this."
I was going to vanish in a puff of smoke and awaken myself, but as I was floating up into the sky and going towards wakefulness I stopped.
me: "Hold on, my main job in life is to explore this stuff. Why am I intentionally trying to wake myself up?"
But it was too late as the scene broke up,
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