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Verified for Life

Date: 31-Oct-2007/9:27+3:00

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Characters: mullet man, barista, me

I was trying to communicate location to someone. I saw letters materializing on a green highway sign, in the highway font as if it were the name of a city that you'd take an exit at. The sign changed from "Fullerton" to "Fuller's" and an image flashed by of a place that looked kind of like a Denny's. I realized that the letters were not the name of a town, but the name of a restaurant where the person wanted to meet.
I believed I might have email from this person. So even though I was wandering around at a freeway exit looking at a sign, I pulled out a laptop and headed for a nearby gas station and coffee shop--hoping for internet access. I tried to read my email, but it was completely overflown with spam to the point that my mail client was unable to handle it. This surprised me because it was a gmail account, and I tweaked some settings so I could get at the older messages and found what I was looking for--a note from someone whose address showed up with a red check on a black background and it said "Verified for Life".
Next thing I know I was reading a long rambling account of this man, who had a blond mullet and a blond goatee. At first I was confused because I didn't have the impression that he was the right person, but as I read further he talked about the importance of mysticism.
mullet man: "If I don't feel in touch with the alien energies, I have to go center himself. Frequently I'll go out camping in a tent, and set up special amplifiers that convert the ambient energy into sound. I try to absorb it."
Feeling that reading his email and web pages was going to take a long time, I felt badly about using the coffee shop's space and internet. So I went to the counter to buy a drink. The barista seemed like a nice woman.
barista: "What do you want?"
me: "I'll just have coffee. A large."
barista: "Oh, so you're spoiled eh?"
me: (thrown off) "Um, well I'm going to be here a while."
barista: "Two shots or three?"
me: "I'll go with two, and um, skim milk."
barista: "How about milk crumbs? Those are even more slimming!"
Note In retrospect, I feel that the dream-barista was somewhat reading my intentions. The remark about not needing to think about how much a large coffee would cost may come from a sense that I have relative financial freedom, and the milk crumbs comment a joke about how I choose non-fat milk to avoid weight gain.
I wanted to get back to the laptop, but I tried to make conversation while she made the drink.
me: "Do you believe in psychics?"
barista: "You mean like 'predict-the-future' psychics? No, not really. But that's not what you're experiencing. You're just picking up on more of the kinds of waves that are all around you. It's just more information. To give you perspective on that, even the phenomenon of establishing yourself at a solid internal location is relatively recent. Started in Irania."
Note She said Irania, and not Iran, which I thought was weird.
Woke up before I could get my coffee. While waking up, in a somewhat hypnogogic state, I got a flash of some kind of commercial for the "Verified for Life" program, as a service you could purchase for Gmail.
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