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Smoked by the Second Variety

Date: 29-Oct-2007/11:48+3:00

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Characters: driver, boy, me, courtney

I was in the back seat of a car, being dropped off at a location where I believed I was going to do some restructuring of a couple of blocks in a city.
Note I had a general feeling that in that context, I could casually move buildings and parking lots around without any equipment.
When the car stopped, my companions got nervous about the neighborhood, and decided we should slam the doors and take off. We did, but a small black boy grabbed onto the outside of our car and began running alongside us.
driver: "You'll have to get out and see what he wants."
We stopped the car and I got out.
boy: "You had dropped a quarter while you were stopped. I wanted to return it."
My companions started driving but he kept hanging onto the car. Concerned that he'd be hurt, I pulled him in the door.
me: "We need to go back and take this kid back to where he was."
driver: "Okay, we'll do that."
I ended up in a conversation with the child, who at some point in time mutated into a small white girl (which did not trigger concern to me at that non-lucid time). She said her name was "Courtney" and she looked to be about 5.
My companions did not drive us back to the neighborhood, but instead drove us home. We still had this kid.
me: (angry) "Why didn't you just turn back a couple corners and take her back? Now our plans for the night are going to be complicated by being arrested for kidnapping or something! Call the police so we can straighten this out right now!"
I went to use the internet to look for information that would help, and I started feeling a dull buzzing that was making me feel like I was going to pass out (in the dream) and at this point I recognized that the girl was pointing her finger at me and causing this sensation, like she was casting some kind of spell.
me: "Wait. Why are you doing this?"
courtney: "I'm going to put you in a membrane and smoke you."
me: "For what reason?"
courtney: "Because though we've been talking, it doesn't mean I necessarily like you."
me: "Well you seem to like to talk. Why not talk about why you don't like me."
I couldn't get any significant conversation out of her after that. I tried to dance a bit and invoke a song to give myself some energy in the dream and break off, and that worked for a while, but I woke up anyway.
Note Creatures that might prey on our perception of vulnerability, such as presenting themselves as a human child, reminds me of the murderous model III-V robots in Philip K. Dick's Second Variety. They appeared as a young boy named David, and found it an effective way to infiltrate humanity.
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