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Servo Replacement

Date: 31-Oct-2007/9:28+3:00

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Characters: woman

I became lucidly aware of myself at some kind of console. It was a mechanical interface, with big switches and gearshifts. Anxiously I surveyed the readout out loud. There was a big "EXECUTE" button which I pressed, and it didn't do anything...and I realized that I must have to push some other buttons first.
Hastily I started flipping things kind of at random, and I found one setting for species. It was set to rat, but I flipped it through various modes. At one point it stopped and I moved on, but then I paused to look at it and realized I'd set it to "spider". Since I didn't know what I was doing I might as well not pick something creepy and crawly, so I changed it to "human" and pushed "EXECUTE".
There was a big alarm, and at this point I turned around to see the greater context of where I was. It was like some kind of mission control center, and there were monitoring systems of remote locations. A woman in front was in charge, and barking orders.
The monitoring stations reminded me of the ones from A Scanner Darkly:
...although there was a very greenish tint to the room, it was dark.
woman: "Quickly. Turn off the alarm, it will be okay. We're just going to have to catch it at the proper checkpoint."
I was somewhat frozen in place, but she picked me up and set me on the ground in front of her--it seemed like she had robotic strength augmentation.
woman: "That servo unit is going to cost a lot to replace..."
Note servo is a contraction for servomechanism--something that uses feedback to control or balance a motor or other system.
There was a feeling of genuine fear, which I rarely have. Somehow I thought she was going to harm me in a way that was actually going to actually harm me in waking life. Rather than stay and find out, I shook myself awake.
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