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Paradise, Paradise, Paradise, Paradise

Date: 31-Oct-2007/9:32+3:00

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Characters: member, me, hat lady

A group I was in expressed annoyance with me.
member: "You're like a narcoleptic, always going unconscious at random. And when you do, we end up having to take care of you while you're passed out."
me: "That is interesting, and I'd like to know more about what you mean. In my waking life I generally choose when and where I sleep."
Many things happened with that group that I don't remember very well. Just that we were traveling in a car filled with a lot of junk... things that looked like Skee Ball tickets and iPods. Eventually we arrived at a mall.
Inside the mall, there were just countless Asian women who were literally filling a courtyard. The men in my group started talking with them, and I heard conversations about threesomes. My viewpoint switched somehow to a large database of photos and ID numbers of women.
Note I had the impression that these I were prostitutes in some sort of economically impoverished region. I had the ability to do a high-tech survey of them for some purpose.
Returning my viewpoint to the mall, I wandered into a clothing/shoe store that the women in the party had entered. They were waiting for an acquaintance, who arrived wearing a tacky hat.
hat lady: "I'm glad you all called me, because I was nearby...what a coincidence!"
me: "Nearby to where? Where is this?"
hat lady: (grandiosely) "This in Paradise Mall, in Paradise City, in the town of Paradise. On Paradise planet!"
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