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The Motions of Writing

Date: 29-Jan-2008/10:59+3:00

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Characters: me, person, woman

I was in a room of people who were offering me some kind of advice. There wasn't much in the room, but some white books with spines that were different colors--the one title I caught was something like Creating a Sense of Spirituality. Recognizing it was a dream, I tried rattling off details like the date.
Note I first started saying it was nineteen-ninety-something, but then corrected myself at Jan 31, 2007. Still inaccurate, but thinking it's 2007 is a mistake I might make while signing a check...
me: "Please, can't you give me some information which I could take back which would offer objective proof of your existence?"
person: "How would anything we told you prove that? It would not work. If you want others to share your experience, you need to start with your family and getting them to experience it. This is the only way."
Note I hope they meant that metaphorically as in "close friends", because there is little I want to experience with my extended family.
me: "I actually believe certain people would be convinced by some kind of technological or mathematical breakthrough which I could not reasonably have come up with myself. But just generally, I'm looking for validation here."
Around this time I was starting to wake up, and asking for help. A woman sitting at a table offered advice.
woman: "You should try writing."
me: "Nothing I write will be in my hands when I wake up...so why bother?"
woman: "No, it's an exercise to help you focus. Make the physical motions of writing with your hands and concentrate on the letters"
That worked in this particular case. Somehow I just started writing random words on the table with a purple pen, and the dream stabilized. I managed to talk a little more but the dream evolved into something less lucid.
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