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Steam Viruses

Date: 29-Jan-2008/10:54+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was looking at people who were using a touch screen monitor, with a stylus in each hand. As I became lucid I started to ask questions about the technology.
me: "What can this monitor do that the monitors I am familiar with from my world can't do? I'm familiar with pressure sensitive screens and ones that could sense where they were being pressed in more than one place."
A man went to the back and reached into the monitor. At first his hands just blotted out portions of the picture or distorted the colors, but he managed to find a way to make it ripple in a chaotic pattern.
me: "That's interesting, what kind of mechanism makes the image on this screen?"
man: "It's composed of a special steam that viruses were engineered to make."
me: "How were these viruses created?"
man: "Oh it was easy, just adjust genome #484,323, ..."
He rattled off some more numbers.
me: "Hold on, I can't remember all these numbers."
man: "No, I'm joking, I actually have no idea how it was done. Here, you should talk to someone else."
He introduced me to a second man, to whom I repeated my questions. He said that before he could answer he'd have to see my license. While I tried to figure out what that was all about I awoke.
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