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View Masters and Dr. Pepper

Date: 14-Jan-2008/19:44+3:00

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Characters: me, her, him, woman, boat girl

I was training a very small tiger cub, and I was inside a cage... trying to stay inside the cage so that the tiger would feel comfortable inside it. When he'd bite my finger I'd grab his neck and yell "Time out!"
At some point I emerged from the cage and went into the kitchen of the house I was in and began asking questions of a woman who was there.
me: "I had materialized here, and will soon be somewhere else. Can you tell me anything about how I got here?"
her: "Here's something you might want to see and take back with you."
She had two items in a bag that were orange and plastic, which you were supposed to look through. I picked up the more unusual of the two. It took two photo discs and had some kind of third lens on the front so it could function like a camera.
These looked very much like View Master toys:
...I used to have one when I was younger.
Looking through the lenses, I saw that it provided images on the periphery of your vision. You could still see the room. The claim was that it provided some notion of truth about what you were looking at.
Note This reminded me a bit of the alethiometer, which was integral to the plot of The Golden Compass.
Wishing to know how it worked, I began dismantling it. Inside there were the two photo disc slots, containing discs that were very handmade in their appearance. There was a third collection of photos built into the device.
Because the tiny pictures were difficult to see, I held them up to a nearby light source. This triggered an alarm and they all burned to a crisp with a warning about a "license violation". The people I was with became very upset and ran to the door to meet arriving authorities.
I elected to hide, and watch from the sidelines. In a nearby garage, I found a crowbar which I picked up for defense. Meeting one of the authorities I introduced myself pleasantly to him and made no issue of the crowbar.
him: "What have you been doing here?"
me: "I've been working for the people who own this house."
him: "For how long? Were you here at the New Years party?"
me: "Ah, New Years...jeez, how long has it been since then?"
him: "It has been 38 days since New Years."
me: "Wow, that long? Hey, can I offer you a drink?"
him: "Sure. Do you have Dr. Pepper?"
When I went to get the drink from the refrigerator, a woman there was laughing.
woman: "So are you trying to sell George Bush on Jesus over there?"
I made a remark back to her that I now forget.
woman: "Oh stop being silly, Jesus."
When I went to sit back at the table there was some conversation going on and people were bringing dessert. The discussion of some spectacular view one could see, and the picnic table began to raise, and then fly. I was concerned about all the food on it, and my drink, but all of the food went flying off and I blacked out.
The next thing I knew I saw a boat labeled something like "3D adventures". I could see a woman through the back of the boat who was talking about stereo watches.
me: "What is a stereo watch? Does it play music or have stereoscopic visual properties."
boat girl: "They interfere with the source conservation of energy."
Note It is possible for interfering waves to seemingly violate conservation of energy, although the disappearing power always ends up being absorbed somewhere.
This shifted into a montage of visuals of various safety latches and products that looked like they were advanced mechanisms from infant safety belts. They had a bunch of trademarked names like "Girl-Lok(R)".
At one point I saw a small girl-like doll, who looked a bit like a character from Toy Story. She was uncomfortably struggling against one of these locks and sealed in a plastic pouch. It seemed like the video had been assembled by someone who was trying to generate awareness of these living dolls, who were being trapped in restraints they didn't want to be in.
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