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REXEL Sliding Blocks

Date: 28-Jan-2009/7:14+3:00

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Characters: reaper, me

I was in a room arguing with some people when the grim reaper appeared. He had a long sword (I believe it was a sword, rather than a scythe). I grabbed it with my hand and could feel it cut through, but I just sort of rolled with that and crumbled it up while continuing to look at him. At the end of the process, I ate the remainder.
There was some sort of discussion (which may or may not have been with me) about whether rules of longevity applied to Jesus when he was "on the ground".
reaper: "Jesus? Oh, I don't know. Look, all I'm saying is that no one should be staying on past the end of the scene."
me: "I think you're just mad that I'm having some fun for once. All of a sudden here you are."
reaper: "What do you mean 'all of a sudden'? You have been WAY downhill lately."
me: "Well, fair enough, but can we just talk and come to some kind of agreement without any pain or gore or anything like that?"
I walked along with the reaper into the room he'd come from. He took off the reaper costume and underneath was just a set of objects stacked on one another to suggest a human shape (like a scarecrow). There were a lot of things around, including a closet with some strange outfits.
me: "Hey, you have two copies of lots of these costumes... oh, wait, I see. One's the male and the other's the female version. Ha."
The reaper looked normal again, and he called me over to look at some writing he was putting down. As he would write it would be a readable size for a bit, then he could somehow collapse it to the size of a dot. Most of the things were equations that looked like signal processing diagrams:
We had some conversation that I don't particularly remember, and in fact the scene became captioned something like "4 HOURS LATER".
reaper: "Know what? I didn't expect to like your personality, but you're a cool guy."
me: "Thanks...?"
reaper: "You should look into REXEL blocks, they're up your alley. They're like LEGOs, except once they're stuck together they can slide across each other."
me: "Slide how?"
He picked up a couple of pencils and just slid them across each other.
reaper: "Like this. I mean, they interlock, but despite being interlocked you can still move them across each other smoothly every which way."
Another scene transition came along in which there was some kind of narration of how this was the beginning of me being some kind of apprentice and shaping the dreams of people. I walked through a landscape where I could see little digital people sleeping and then a wireframe projection of what they were dreaming about.
I could influence what they saw and one kid was halfway toward seeing a Flying Spaghetti Monster, so I fleshed it out for him:
However, the dreaming child chose to put a pancake on his head as a hat. I was going to correct it, but decided to accept the contribution.
I then saw a lot of "before" and "after" which was about the projects I was undertaking in order to upgrade the graphics and resolution of the worlds in which these people lived. When I finally got back to the room I had started in, I asked to see some REXEL blocks. They had large hemisphere plugs which somehow would dock together, like small versions of these ice trays:
You could indeed slide them around in this unusual and pleasing way. I wasn't certain how such a thing would work, so I went to look it up on Wikipedia. I had a hard time typing "rexel wiki", and I got a lot of marketing materials talking about how much time they had spent creating the playsets and the world. The search engine I was using had options like "Live Wiki", and at first the pages were coming up in spanish...so I had to click a button at the top to translate it.
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