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Date: 28-Jan-2009/18:38+3:00

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Characters: me, friend, man, guy, old woman, her

I was watching a video on a screen, it had a little greenish guy working at a table on a small mechanical machine, densely packed with parts. A Radiohead-ish song was playing in the background.
The mechanical imagery reminded me a bit of Kenna's video for "Hell Bent"
...though the machine the guy was working on was a bit larger, about the size of a microwave oven.
There was a zoom in to the machine, where you could see it being turned on. It began to unfold, first into some kind of jewelry-display-case-sized cabinet of gears that you could see the gears turning behind glass. Then that folded out into more things that began to resemble aspects of reality, and a planet. As you zoomed out you could see that the machine had sort of consumed the entire workspace where the greenish guy had been working, so he was completely gone.
At one point, it went back to some of the gears exposing as giant turning things and the original gear-laden display case was seen again. The refrain in the song was something like "and they... never waited... for me to arrive. They just went ahead... and further ahead..."
Note I interpreted this as the song of a creator talking about the choices made by those beings he had created such that he could never contact them.
The video and song were gripping, and some friends of mine were nearby.
me: "How long would we watch this?"
friend: "You don't like it?"
me: "No, I like it. I just mean when something is deeply graphical and based on patterns and formulas then you start wondering when the point is where you should stop. I said the same thing about The Lord of the Rings movie."
Realizing I was dreaming, I had to say goodbye and follow up on something I'd seen in an earlier dream.
me: "I've got some questions, so I need to go. Bye girl #1"
I gave her a kiss. Another girl who was on the platform who expected a kiss looked cross at the concept that I might kiss her and say "Bye girl #2", as if to imply an ordering. So I just repeated myself.
me: "Bye girl #1!"
Climbing down the ladder, I caught the attention of a couple of mid-sized black guys who were wearing uniforms, and who seemed to be good natured.
me: "I need to know something. I'm a channel. You understand?"
I made a gesture with my hands, to show my fingers as a pair coming down through my head, as if to indicate that I was living somewhere else. They nodded.
me: "Why is it that when certain people here get sugars or syrup in their mouth or on their skin, it starts to spread and destroy their bodies?"
man: "Their system was designed not to handle it."
me: "Designed? Who designed them?"
man: "We don't have a lot of information on that era in history. What we do know is that the designs were updated every four years, with new flaws intentionally introduced in order to restrict them. The original men here didn't need to eat at all, but the birds. When the men saw the birds eating, they wanted to as well--and so the need for food was picked as the next limit."
me: "Gah!"
A guy walked up to me holding a stack of papers in a tray, looking concerned. He stepped up to me, and raised his finger in thought.
guy: "Meyer... did NOT... design this universe."
He began to walk away. I stopped him.
me: "And you're telling me you just read something insinuating that they had?"
The guy nodded gravely.
me: "That is not good. Thanks."
This conversation reminded me of a girl I had met once, so I summoned her. She appeared, but looked much older than when we'd met.
me: "Hey, good to see you!"
old woman: "I have to go."
me: "Can't you talk for a second?"
her: "I'm busy, but more importantly, I'm concerned about your company's effect on people and can't support what you are doing."
me: "My company? What is that?"
her: "MetaLiving."
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