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Feng Shui Kua

Date: 28-Jun-2009/11:39+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was riding on a bus, and looked at the seats. They were rows of very simple chairs, which were rigid and boxy and espresso-colored. They looked just like my desk chair.
me: "The chairs have changed here!"
man: "I guess that shows there are reasons things get changed...for you."
me: (laughing) "Yes, always for me."
The person driving the bus was a woman who turned to address me.
bus driver: "They've changed because you were right. An unauthorized account was found, and now we can get this all back in order. It will take a bit of time, but they're already working very fast...as you can see."
I looked closer at the chairs, and they'd been tagged with some various colors.
bus driver: (chuckling) "What you're looking at is the origin of the word 'Keane'...if you were wondering about that."
Note Keane is a band I listen to, whose story of their name does sound a bit suspicious to me.
me: "So these chairs...they're like what I have at my desk. There's the wood one, and then another webbed one like an office chair."
I poked a nearby other chair which had a webbed back, to use as an illustration of what I was talking about. Then I realized it was the exact model of the second chair I have.
me: "...whoa, yes. Exactly! That's the one. The fabric of the seat kind of smells though, so I've not been sitting on it. Anyway that's what I have as of the moment... that moment being erm... 2009. In... June. Let's say the 29th or so?"
The man looked kind of pleased and nodded as if to say "that's about right".
man: "What we have here is a perfect example of what I would call Feng Shui Qua"
me: (puzzled) "Feng Shui You mean like...furniture arrangement?"
man: "Yes, look at the floor. The placement of the nails. She spent 12 hours on that alone."
Note There is a term in Feng Shui that I did not know before, called 'Feng Shui Kua'. New word, looks relevant, I'll call that "verified"!
I looked down at the floor, and noticed that it seemed we were now in a room where a lot of construction was going on. A marble sink was being installed, it had a very ornate shape.
me: "Uhh. Okay, looks nice."
man: (chuckling) "Do you think the sink is going to hate me?"
me: "Hopefully not. Um, I tend to not get very good responses to questions about Life, The Universe, and Everything. But you guys have been nice so far. Can you offer any insights on the general question of 'What's up, like, with me?'"
They looked at me and then I woke up.
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