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Rihanna and My Boxer Shorts

Date: 26-Jun-2012/12:02+3:00

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Characters: me, being

I was laying in a bed and talking to some strange beings. One of them had a white and pointy mask on. I might have compared its shape to a theatrical mask, rounded at the top where the eyes were.
They were very nice and the conversation was casual. We were just discussing some things I was working on in my hobby software projects, random details. At one point the strangeness of the scene dawned on me, and I became lucid.
me: "Okay, I'm going to ask the usual things. What is your world like? Do you have AI?"
being: "Yes...'we' do."
Note The implication I got from the intonation of 'we' was that I was not asking about some alien place, but rather a culture of which I was already a member, and thus 'I' had AI as well.
me: "Does anyone know about me and my situation? Do they want to help? If not, why not?"
being: "You've written a lot regarding experiences suggesting that you are in some kind of 'cloaked' and '007' status. And as you've also documented, it would be hasty to jump to the conclusion that this is necessarily something that is good or bad. It might be a conspiracy by your enemies; or it could be something you're choosing to do intentionally for reasons you don't remember right now. Guess you'll find out the answer in time, eh?"
The being laughed, and was taking a generally humorous tone. I tried to stay good-natured and laugh too, but I also encouraged him to speak more quickly, as I didn't know how much longer I could stay in the dream.
He stood up and faced me and I could see more of the mask. It seemed like the rest of his body was in a fuzzy suit, like Barney the dinosaur but gray.
being: "There's a barrier due to systems that are making it extremely difficult to get an accurate read on your location. Without that, there's not much we can do with you at all. Right now is a good opportunity though...Rihanna won't like me saying this, but your clothes are fantastic."
Note In bed I was just wearing boxer shorts. In the dream I don't recall what I was wearing, if anything.
being: "I'm going to do two things. First..."
His eyes beamed red and he looked at me from head to toe, the light beams scanning me. I became dizzy and just kind of closed my eyes. When I reopened them, I saw he had moved a bit further away, up some stairs and leaning over a railing that looked down toward the bed.
being: "And now, step two."
Using a device that looked a bit like a camera he clicked a picture at me, causing a bright flash that woke me up.
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