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Government Reality Simulation Investigations

Date: 1-Aug-2012

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Characters: me, japanese man, woman

I was on an upper walkway in an office building, which looked down on the reception desk and entryway. I was speaking to a Japanese man who was going through some information about a "Purple Pill", and several game machines. There was something about Philip K. Dick
me: "What is this about, who are you?"
The Japanese man smiled.
japanese man: "Well let's say we are 'brothers', in a sense. It's just that I know a little more than you do at this point."
He disappeared and somehow I found myself down in the lower level of the building. There was a table set up which had several people sitting or standing around it, the surface of the table was a computer and they were looking at it intently. I addressed a woman in the group.
me: "Where am I?"
woman: "You mean what building in general at the corporation, or this particular table?"
me: "I suppose anything helps."
woman: "You're in the accounting department."
me: "What are you accounting about?"
woman: "I'm working on fabricating operations so that the city will pay us."
me: "What am I doing?"
woman: "Well right now, you're holding me up because you're not doing anything. Previously you were going along with it, but then you decided to audit one of my transactions and report it. Then you blocked the cover with a purported proof of how it could be shown to be impossible. Now the government is threatening to run a simulator to prove that."
me: "Good for me. Good for them. Well, I'm not who you think I am. Possibly an auditor at another level. Maybe nobody. Bye."
I wandered out some doors into a grassy, well sculpted garden, but quickly took a turn and landed in some kind of mall. The stores were fairly basic things, nothing seemed that amazing in terms of the products being sold. I peered around in a music store and didn't see anything exceptional that you wouldn't find in a Guitar Center today.
As I looked around the mall, everything was very clean and organized. Until I walked into a place that was more of an odds-and-ends store with random items in the aisles. I was startled by a big hairy four-legged creature brushing by me, that looked something Snuffy Snufalapagus. A woman noticed my reaction, so I asked her what it was.
woman: "They called it a Move."
me: "That's a Move?"
woman: "No, that's the name of the company that makes them. I used to think they were annoying, but I decided to get one recently too."
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