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Bruce Schneier's Facebook Page

Date: 1-Aug-2012

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Characters: horace, me

Somehow I was watching someone who was posting updates to Bruce Schneier's Facebook page.
Note Bruce Schneier is a famous cryptography expert and privacy advocate, I don't know that he'd be a big Facebook user...!
I wanted to post something about myself on the status to say my name and where I was. I was having trouble typing, but someone was basically typing over top of me. He was typing about his wife Valerie.
Note Bruce's wife's name--according to Wikipedia--is Karen.
Getting up I started walking through the house I was in and met some friendly guys who introduced themselves as "Sasha" and "Horace". It seemed to be their computer that was doing some kind of security-oriented thing with the NSA; whether it was hacking or helping I couldn't tell.
I followed them through some hallways. In one of them, we passed a series of tall cages that seemed built into the wall. There was a lot of animal poop on the floor. Horace pointed it out to me.
horace: "When you think about it, it's just like with all pets... even the snakes. If you are going to keep animals, you have two choices. One possibility is you learn to live with their messes. I think the better answer is the second choice; you learn to clean up after them."
We kept going forward into what looked like a kitchen. I had a feeling I'd been in this house before.
me: "This place...is familiar. It is your house?"
horace: "Yes."
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