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Pocky vs Mac

Date: 30-Aug-2010/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, woman

I was speaking to a woman and going through one of my usual lucid "how is it we're talking" rants. I waved my dream-arms and dream-legs.
me: "Look, I have a body that I walk around in during the day and it's a lot like this one. Well, it seems a lot like this one. I have arms, and legs..."
woman: "We can connect to you, because we can connect... you have a Pocky..."
She continued to rant about some kind of procedure I didn't understand for connecting with me.
me: "My Pocky? What are you talking about?"
Note I didn't think about it at the time, but I think this was a mispronunciation of PC. I definitely thought she was talking about some relation to the candy, Pocky.
woman: "This is surprising and we are going to need to change the marriage. But if you like females then you like females, whatever. It doesn't make a difference as far as I am concerned. But it's going to have to get approved; I think we can file for it and push it through."
me: "Yes this... you look good, but... what are you? If you aren't human then how is it you can speak English?"
woman: "What makes you think I speak in English?"
me: "Oh. I guess one's entire life could be a translation layer, and you'd never know."
woman: "In a manner of speaking, ultimately your whole life could be a translation layer."
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