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My Personal Hypta

Date: 2-Apr-2010/9:55+3:00

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Characters: scottish guy, me, large guy, glasses guy, plastic guy, large woman, woman, voice

I was seated at a table with a large number of people. They were patting me on the back and telling me I'd made remarkable progress.
scottish guy: "You are doing a lot better now. Very calm."
me: "Well, what I was doing before wasn't working. Something had to change."
We talked for a while, and eventually lost contact. I wandered around the house I was in, into a living room. I pointed around.
me: "Where is this house? I mean...where would you say this house is?"
large guy: "Hell."
me: "Hell?"
large guy: (laughing) "No, no. You'd know if you were in the Hell plane. It's got some seriously impressive architecture, I was thinking about bringing some of it here. Just this monstrous stuff...works of art."
A guy holding a notepad who had glasses made a gesture at me to come look at something.
glasses guy: "I've got something here. It's at least a month ahead of your current mathematics. If you could remember it, you'd blow people away."
me: "That sounds excellent. Can it be written down simply?"
glasses guy: "Unfortunately, no. I can split it in two parts though. One is a joke... a little rhyme to help you remember the coefficients. But you'd still have to remember this other formula."
The formula he showed me was rather daunting, with about 20 symbols. The coefficients I needed to memorize were about 12 numbers.
me: "I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to do that. Is there anything simpler? I mean, an interesting invention? Something like a Rubik's Cube?"
People began to fumble around, and a guy pulled out a long roll of translucent plastic. It was divided into sections of various colors. He held it up to a light so I could see there were dotted out images on it.
plastic guy: "What you do is you put this in front of a monitor, like a large screen TV on your ceiling. Then you have a machine slowly pull it past the screen. The effect is actually quite surprising once you see it in action."
me: "Guess I'll have to take your word for it. What's it called?"
plastic guy: "'My Personal Hypta'"
I tried to roll the plastic back into its original tube but it seemed to have become brittle and wouldn't fold. Gently I set it over in a corner in a pile, and went to address everyone.
me: "So... what are all of you? What am I?"
large woman: "We're networks. Just like everything else. But I do enjoy the feeling of a human avatar, there's something visceral about it. I like men, but I like women too..."
The large woman was wearing very clothing which exposed a lot of her skin. I touched it to see what it felt like, but didn't feel like doing anything sexual.
me: "No offense to you all, but the avatars I perceive of you all here are rather...well, low end? If you had high technology and could pick any body you wanted, why these?"
My question was unheard, or ignored.
woman: "We're just worried about how you're going to get a girl."
me: "You mean here, or when I'm awake."
woman: "When you're awake."
They became startled and my body began to quake. I lost track of the room and it felt like someone else was moving my limbs in my bed.
voice: (upset) "Your phone got jacked, you need to do a force logout!"
I didn't panic and just let the vibrations and stuff subside.
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