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15% and the Frito Balloon

Date: 10-Apr-2008/9:36+3:00

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Characters: text, me, hippie

I was watching an extremely sophisticated software system demonstration, and eventually called out loud:
me: "What is this called?"
voice: "I don't know."
me: "If you don't know, then where is this demonstration coming from?"
voice: "You are showing this to me."
Next, I narrated my name and location on Earth, and I described how it was the 3rd planet from the star Sol, and looked like a marble with blue and white and green. Was doing my best to suggest they try and reach me.
voice: "How am I to get there? I do not have the tools."
me: "Well, maybe the point of the software is to give you the tools so that your society can build what you need for us to meet. Perhaps we are communicating outside of time, and this is a vision being sent across thousands or millions of years?"
I was interrupted by text typed on a command line.
text: "Are the courts the authorities on your planet?"
me: "In theory. They do have a lot of power, and some have good theoretical standards of justice. But the governments of Earth have many corrupt judges and politicians, so you should use discretion in terms of trusting them."
I found myself out on a suburban street with the feeling that I had escaped something and was on the run. The impression I had was that I was communicating with someone telepathically who was in one of the cars. I looked around and saw a hippie-looking guy holding a bag, that looked like a bag of Fritos. Sensing he was who I was supposed to talk to, I went to the car, and saw smoke coming from the bag.
me: "Are you here to help me escape?"
He acknowledged and pointed the bag toward me, indicating I should breathe the smoke. I did.
hippie: "The rest is up to you."
He handed me the bag and I held it, it began to float upward like a balloon. As I went toward the sky I just relaxed, and got closer and closer to the clouds when suddenly I was faced with the screen of a web browser. It said:
Rogue, you have now reached 15%. I do not trust my programming skills enough to in good conscience let you continue with an alphanumeric password. This IE, this software, this world...all dinosaurs compared to what you are about to see and there is no turning back.
I tried to type a few things but had no idea what I was doing, and it had no effect.
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