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The Sun Burning Out Earlier Than Expected

Date: 15-Oct-2008/12:25+3:00

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Characters: woman, engineer, me, angry man

I'd become lucid in a big place where it seemed there were windows out into space. It was mostly dark, though rooms as you went away from the windows were lit up. I'd begun speaking to a woman who was being nice and giving me some explanations of questions that I asked about I'd gotten there and how universes related to each other.
woman: "Well there were several modalities of universe creation, but you can really break them all down into two major schools of thought. One was what we might call the 'crazy spark' theory, the other was..."
The speech transitioned into a lit wall that I could walk around and read, with pictures and text. It was a flat black background and light emanated from the pictures. I skimmed over the two major theories and then started reading in the categories of all the universes that had been made, curious if I could find any mention of Earth or the Universe Earth was in. But it just went on and on. One of the most interesting ones I spotted was something about a world where the men are all submissive to women, but the accompanying illustration was just a mixed group of men and women in jogging outfits running a marathon or something.
By this point I was feeling that looking at this wall was going to be useful so I walked away. As I did, I was a little self conscious of the fact that I was naked but only wearing socks. But as I looked around I noticed a good number of other naked bodies, but upon close inspection they were plastic like the one from a previous dream. Mine also turned out to be plastic and malleable.
Next thing I did was enter a room where some small children were seated in equally small chairs, and men behind a table were presenting them with cards and explaining things to them. One of the men behind the table looked a bit like the portly Scotty the engineer from Star Trek when he was older, wearing a very blue single-color outfit.
engineer: "I'm sure this is difficult for you."
me: "Are you talking to me? Or the kids? Um, yes, this is difficult. I can't really say I know what's going on or how I can be related to it."
engineer: "Here, you are actually one of the most respected elders. And you are a good friend of mine. But you offered to infiltrate and work on Earth's technical instability, because our hold there is threatened. We're trying to get a new President elected. We are having trouble with the biases against Microsoft, and this will have to be resolved."
He gave me a hug. A trim young man approached us in a more futuristic looking suit approached us, carrying a clipboard-like object. The young man seemed angry, and his presence annoyed "Scotty" intensely.
engineer: (to angry man) "Get out of here. Now."
gave the angry young man a hard whack that sent his body spinning, and he went flying into a room. From the force of the punch, the young man's shape completely destabilized into a whipping torso that flipped for a while before he recovered. When he did, he came chasing after us again.
angry man: "I mean, what the hell...he didn't even donate blood, ONCE!"
me: "Hey! I felt bad about that! But my body is very weak, and I go into shock from it. My family passes out due to slight variations in blood pressure. I donated money to the Red Cross so they could run their blood drives."
angry man: (annoyed, dismissive) "Yes. I knew that."
engineer: "Look, he went to just one Naval Academy."
angry man: "Bah."
Note I thought at the time that this was about my lack of charitability. But upon waking and reflecting on the latest issues of how alien consciousnesses might infiltrate mostly-primate humans--not yet documented as dream journals--he could be mad that I did not spread our 'reach' further by giving us internal access into other humans.
The angry man went away and as I was waking up, I asked "Scotty" a few more questions.
me: "My body on Earth is not what I'd choose, and it doesn't make sense how it can be here now if I'm someone else. You guys seem pretty robust, can I be anything I want?"
engineer: (laughing) "Yes, whatever, I wouldn't put anything past you! Within the confines of available power. But there's an upcoming problem of the sun burning out earlier than expected, and we're having to take that into account."
me: "You say the sun is burning out sooner than expected?"
engineer: "Yes."
I don't know if he was talking in any way that would be relevant to Earth's sun. But if he was, it is estimated that somewhere between 4.5 and 5 billion years is when the sun will die.
But life on Earth will end in about 500 million years due to the sun heating up as its fuel is burnt and changed into heavier elements.
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