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Carl Sarranack and Powdered Barbecue Sauce

Date: 7-Oct-2007/6:16+3:00

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I had a rare instance of being intentionally lascivious in a lucid dream. I was in a grocery store and summoning cute girls for sex acts. But at one point, this guy named Carl Sarranack objected to my behavior and demonstrated his disapproval by throwing powdered barbecue sauce on my head.
Note There is at least one recipe on the web for Powdered Barbecue Sauce.
This was followed somewhat soon after by a false awakening. And I really, really thought I was awake--even though there was someone in my bed who shouldn't have been there. We were reading up on Carl Sarranack.
One of the things we found was a Far Side cartoon making fun of him, captioned "Carl Sarranack has another idea...". It showed him looking at a clock and something else. I didn't get the joke, but apparently it played on the fact that he was the inventor of instant coffee, thus perhaps he was making something instant that obviously shouldn't be.
Note In our branch of the multiverse the credit for inventing instant coffee goes to Satori Kato.
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