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The Purple Rhino Trump Card

Date: 22-Jun-2009/7:19+3:00

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Characters: me, woman, man, nurse

There was some video-game type thing I was playing in which you were supposed to deliver messages from one point to another, using an animal. A floating blue pencil would indicate the direction you had to take your message, and you were able to use some kind of drug (like putting ether on a cloth) to get other animals to join your party. The bigger the animal and the more of them you had, the more likely they could stampede and get your message through.
However, there was a rule by which purple animals could knock off other color animals. I was watching some kind of demo showing a purple rhino charging through a stampede of blue animals unhurt. Its intention was to stop all the blue animals from reaching certain doors, but one purple rhino could not do this alone.
me: "A-ha! This is what I've been looking for! Watch this purple rhino thing."
woman: "You seem to think this is of great interest..."
This transitioned to where I was traveling with someone who seemed like a nurse. She went to a place that looked like a ticketing or information window to talk to someone behind it.
I idled around the open room, walking up to a man who seemed to have a red triangular hat with a number on his head. Walking very close to him, I tried to figure out the number.
me: "Hm, what have we here? 1272? 1727? 1722. Blah. Well, it's a triangle, and it's red anyhow."
The man looked at my leg which seemed to be exposed by wearing either shorts or a short gown. He pointed to the hairs on it, his finger stopping around my knee.
man: (frustrated) "ALMED? What happened, did Robi break again? ALL the reserves have been cured, not one remains. Alameda Medical is a monkey museum. Why are you digging this up!?"
I don't remember if it was me or the nurse who said "Because we found something."
The nurse's business was finished at the window, and I began to follow up a narrow spiraling staircase. The stairs were spiraling inside the building. As I walked up the steps I could see the carpet changing colors...orange, blue, red.
me: "How much further do we have to go?"
nurse: "I don't know."
me: "Well I'm going to wake up soon. Don't you have some idea?"
At that point we reached a floor, but then we walked a bit and started descending another staircase. Again the colors were changing. I made it down to another level and then fell and blacked out.
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