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The CITI Terminal

Date: 5-Aug-2007/15:43+3:00

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Characters: someone, me

I was asking a group of people in a dream what they could tell me about their world, the date/etc. Feeling like things would be most effective if I could read the news, I asked if I could use the internet.
someone: "Computers haven't been invented here yet."
I pointed over in the corner at what looked like a terminal.
me: "Well, that looks like a computer."
I walked over to it and it was very simple, running something DOS-like. I tried typing a couple of simple commands like "time" and "ver", getting back relatively meaningless information. Looking closer at the computer it had the word "CITI" all over it, with an arch over the T, as in the Citibank Logo. I explained to them that that was from a bank.
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