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Refunding the Lego Brain

Date: 7-Aug-2007/4:17+3:00

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I was playing with some kind of three-dimensional web browser, it had dents in it like clay. Holding it in my lap like a box, I saw it was some kind of Star Wars playset. When I pushed certain buttons, suddenly pieces would disengage from the surface and I could place them around in the gaps that were created in the box.
Somehow it switched from the Star Wars playset to something called the "Lego Brain". The box then had LEGO texture, and somehow by pulling the edges of the box I was able to stretch it to be bigger. At this point I was very curious to examine the box itself, so I turned it upside-down and began looking.
There were lots of numbers, and some writing. It had my mother's name on it, and some things that looked like price tags (white adhesive with black print) but said things like lot #'s. I was disappointed to see a big red button that said "REFUND" on it, because whenever I'm in these environments I have a hope that I'm visiting some kind of Star Trek holodeck society that is beyond money. There were a number of stickers that I assumed were saying the designers initials, things like "POD".
Somehow the whole thing ended up ripped into parts. The next thing I knew I was in some kind of fancy modern apartment, with the pieces in my hand...but the pieces looked like a cross between a video-camera and a vacuum cleaner. I started recognizing components like a viewfinder, or the switch that makes a vacuum suck vs. blow. It was somewhat futile to reassemble but I kept tinkering at it, even though I noticed there was an open door over on the side of the room.
In a short bit, a small terrier-like dog came running through the door and leapt directly at my face and that woke me up.
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